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Spring 2011

2nd Annual WRTC Awards Banquet

2011 e-Vision Awards Ceremony

Madison Writing Awards Ceremony

Writer and journalist Stefan Bechtel discussed his writing at the second annual Friendly City Reading Series

Fall 2010

Dr. David Bleich of the University of Rochester spoke about his "Thoughts on the Materiality of Language"

Dr. Ralph Cohen of WRTC received the first JMU Provost's Distinguished Professorship

Dr. Doran Larson of Hamilton College presented "On the 'field[s] of pain and death': The Prison Writer as Witness"

The program hosted the first WRTC Meet and Greet to open the 2010-2011 academic year

Spring 2010

WRTC Awards Banquet

2010 e-Vision Awards Ceremony

WRTC Graduate Symposium

Authors Mary Beth Keane and Gillian Welch read from and discussed their writing at the first Friendly City Reading Series

Fall 2009

Before receiving the JMU Provost's Distinguished Professorship, Professor Ralph Cohen visitied JMU to share his thoughts on langauge and the academy.

Professor Marin Robinson of Northern Arizona University spoke about her experiences developing and teaching a writing course for chemistry students

Professor Andrea Lunsford of Stanford University spoke about the state of the writing discipline and possible directions for WRTC