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The School of Writing, Rhetoric, and Technical Communication is a community committed to preparing its students -- both writers and technical and scientific communicators -- for lives of enlightened, global citizenship.

--WRTC Mission Statement

The School of Writing, Rhetoric, and Technical Communication graduates well-equipped students who actively participate and lead in professional fields and civil society. Individuals majoring in WRTC will be joining faculty and students in one of the only schools dedicated to the art and science of communication in a variety of modes and genres.

The goals of WRTC are to help students

WRTC offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in two concentrations--Technical and Scientific Communication and Writing and Rhetoric--as well as minors in the two concentrations. Through a balance of theory and application, faculty teach students how to analyze and produce texts, all with the goal of training effective communicators. Students can combine these skills with cognate courses from other majors (e.g., SMAD, SCOM, psychology, and physics) offered at James Madison University.

After completing the WRTC degree, graduates will