Young People For (YP4) Fellowship

Note: Fellowship applications are due October 28, 2008.

Dear professors,

I'm a college senior and senior fellow of Young People For-People for the American Way Foundation, an excellent fellowship program for undergraduate college students that identifies, engages, and empowers leaders on college campuses who would be an asset to the progressive movement. Fellows of Young People For are treated to an all-expense paid week in Washington, D.C. in February to learn about the progressive movement and how to organize, and then receive a year of mentoring, funding, and other opportunities to start a social changed-themed project on their campuses. If you have students who are vocal progressives and leaders on campus who you think would benefit from participating in Young People For, you can either nominate them or encourage them to apply at

I've pasted below a letter from Rachel Burrows, the fellowship director at Young People For, that has more information and instructions.

Anecdotally, I've benefitted enormously--emotionally and professionally--from my fellowship with YP4 and I definitely encourage you to nominate your students. The application deadline is looming, so check out asap.
Thank you!

Liz Funk

Dear friend,

I am writing to introduce you to Young People For (YP4). YP4 is a strategic long-term leadership development program that identifies, engages and empowers young progressive leaders to effect social change on their campuses and in their communities.

The yearlong YP4 fellowship begins with an all-expense-paid trip to the YP4 National Summit in Washington, D.C., where fellows connect with other progressive leaders, attend skill-building workshops, learn about powerful strategies and tactics for sustainable social change, and strategize for the future. The next Summit will take place from February 12–16, 2009.

Throughout the year, each fellow individually or collaboratively plans and executes a meaningful social justice project of their own design. YP4 provides individual support and funding to help fellows meet their goals and objectives, plus opportunities for continued leadership in the progressive movement.

We need your help to identify emerging activists, leaders and social and political entrepreneurs in whom you think we should make a long-term investment. The fellowship is open to undergraduates at all two- and four-year institutions. The fellows selected from your campus will join 200 fellows from across the country for the 2009 program.

Please nominate students at!

We will be in touch with you to discuss more details about the program. Thank you for helping us identify and invest in the newest generation of progressive leaders.


Rachel Burrows
Fellowship Director, YP4