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Technical Information on WMRY

Charlottesville, Virginia

103.5 mHz
280W effective radiated power
446 meters (Height Above Average Terrain)
732 meters (Height Above Mean Sea Level)
City of License
Crozet, Va.
37-57-02 N. LAT 78-43-46 W. LONG
Castle Rock Mountain (Covesville Quadrangle) near Batesville, Va.


103.5 mHz? Yes, it is in the "commercial" band. We were able to obtain this frequency after exhausting all possiblities in the NCE (non-commercial, educational) band.

This is a high-elevation, low power site that should render exceptional service to the Charlottesville area. WMRY is a "repeater", using a very good antenna and receiver, and a carefully selected site, we can receive the 90.7 mHz signal from Harrisonburg. It is then retransmitted on 103.5 mHz. The entire station is controlled from our Harrisonburg studio.

In February 1998 this high elevation transmitter site was devastated by an El Nino spawned nor' easter.

MRY? We started with WMRA. We added WMRL. There were not too many choices left in this sequence. Our engineer is also somewhat of a geographer, and this is his tribute to the great map-maker, educator and statesman Matthew Fontaine Maury. Maury's remains actually passed through Crozet on the way to final interrment in Richmond. He spent his last years as a professor at V.M.I., where our station WMRL is located. We think he would enjoy our programming were he still alive today (he would also be older than Elvis).


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