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Why are we piloting a winter session?

One word: opportunity. Access to a winter session provides students with an opportunity to:

  • enroll in courses for personal and professional growth
  • focus on one subject
  • improve grade point average
  • learn about a subject of interest
  • take classes that you could not fit into your fall or spring schedule
  • reduce your course load for the spring or fall

Will winter session be offered in future academic years?

Most likely, yes. The university feels there is potential for a successful winter intersession. Academic units see the potential in offering winter intersession classes to cover major, minor, and relevant major-related courses that may not currently be offered or may not currently fit into a student's schedule. We will solicit input from the student body regarding interest in the offering of a winter intersession sometime in near future. However, in future years the winter intersession will require tuition on a per credit basis.

Additional questions?

Contact Ms. Catherine Crummett, Assistant Vice Provost, University Programs at

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