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It happens most naturally with the absence of expectation.
It occurs when all the necessary catalysts align.
It is a feeling that cannot be understood until it has already happened.
You realize the impact of your ambition.
You feel a sense of pride in your decisions.
You appreciate the people who made a mark on you.
And you recognize the footprints you leave behind.
This is the environment where we experienced growth
and these are the people who impacted our lives.
Empowered, we will step forward.
With family and friends by our side.
This is not the end.
It is not a finish line.
It is a milestone.
We will always remain connected.
Connected to each other.
Connected to the institution.
We are the future of this world.
We seek challenges, problems… solutions.
We are the change.
The foundation of our path has been laid
We continue to move forward as others await their own beginning.
This legacy will withstand the test of time
We will always have this story to tell.


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