Imagine a new model for higher education. One that leverages our commitment to learning with a steadfast conviction that all humans are interconnected. One that creates public intellectuals who ask the right questions and uncover the right answers.

During the 'Why Madison?' Presidential Listening Tour, JMU President Jonathan Alger spent many hours touring the country, engaging in a dialogue with those who have done so much to shape this wonderful institution. Out of those conversations has come a collective vision for Madison's future.

We are ready to help President Alger chart a course for JMU to become that new model for higher education an Engaged University built on citizenship because we believe JMU is uniquely positioned to be such a model.

Involvement, after all, is in our DNA, a constant thread woven throughout the fabric of our 105-year history—The Normal School, The State Teachers College, Madison College, James Madison University. Our name has changed; our character has not. We believe in community. We believe in service. And we believe in solving problems.

That's why the JMU Alumni Association is making a matching gift commitment to JMU, and investing up to $100,000 into the Madison Forever Vision Fund. This gift will allow us to match every two dollars given with one dollar from the alumni association—up to a maximum of $100,000.

Join us in this commitment, as we chart a course for JMU to become the model for the Engaged University, and build a brighter future for us all.

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