Student Resources

Student Resources

The University Writing Center offers the following resources to assist you at any stage of the writing process:

JMU Link Library

Feeling overwhelmed by the number of online resources out there? The University Writing Center simplifies the process of finding reliable and useful writing resources with its convenient and accessible Link Library. Visit this collection of external and UWC-produced resources to access handouts, video tutorials, tip sheets, and other writing resources available online.

Tutorial on Writing Personal Statements

Created by the University Writing Center, this tutorial outlines the process of writing personal statements and provides strategies for planning, organizing, drafting, and revising your personal statement.

How to Get the Most out of a Writing Consultation:

Come prepared: We encourage you to come early on in your writing process, whenever possible. Bring a description of your assignment (e.g., professor's instructions and rubric). Bring any writing you have started, whether it is a full draft, one paragraph, or just notes. It is also helpful if you know which aspect of your writing you would like to focus on.

Be ready to work: Consultants are not proofreaders, but they are very willing to help you organize, edit, rewrite, cut, clarify, expand, and review your writing. Your active participation is vital to the collaborative work that occurs during a consultation.

Keep an open mind: Sessions vary from consultant to consultant. You may find yourself reading out loud, freewriting, brainstorming, outlining paragraphs, rewriting sentences, identifying and addressing grammar issues, consulting handbooks, or discussing your thesis. Also, be aware that from time to time consultants fill in for other consultants, observe each other, and work together in tutoring sessions.