Monthly Newsletter

UWC Monthly is a publication of the University Writing Center that gives faculty, administrators, staff, and students a window into world of writing tutors. Written by UWC peer tutors, interns, graduate assistants, and faculty, the publication reports on developments and projects related to the University Writing Center. Print versions are distributed to administrators and department chairs, and online PDF versions of all issues are archived below for the entire JMU community.

January/February 2014

UWC Monthly

  • The UWC makes its move (to Constitution Hall)
  • Escribiendo en Espanol: The new service for Spanish-language essays
  • The UWC and the APC: A winning team
  • Walk in, whenever: The UWC welcomes walk-ins
  • More news from the Fellows: The Writing Fellows program expands across the university
  • Tutor alumni spotlight: Camille Corum

November/December 2013

UWC Monthly

  • News from the Fellows: The UWC Writing Fellows program
  • Shared spaces, shared philosophies: The UWC and the Comm Center
  • Beyond the session: UWC Professional Development developments
  • Graduate tutor spotlight: Daniel Zimmerman
  • Tutor alumni spotlight: Olivia Mankowski

September/October 2013

UWC Monthly

  • The UWC: Coming soon to a classroom near you
  • Psychology in the UWC
  • Sharing the tutoring craft with English language learners
  • Tutoring Writing class transforms through the years
  • Faculty Fellow spotlight: Stephen Briggs
  • Tutor alumni spotlight: Martin Steger

March/April 2013

UWC Monthly

  • UWC tutors travel to California (PA) for MAWCA
  • Multilingual tutors in the UWC
  • The IWCA Collaborative happens in Vegas
  • UWC tutors mess with Texas
  • ISAT faculty members featured on annual cross-disciplinary writing panel
  • Behind the Magic Numbers
  • A second senior UWC tutor reflects, wisely: Camille Corum
  • Tutor alumni spotlight: Andrea Keffer

January/February 2013

UWC Monthly

  • A fresh take on Tutoring Writing
  • It's a whole new world for new UWC tutors
  • UWC faculty discuss their forthcoming textbook
  • A brain-hemispheric framework for tutoring writing
  • Behind the Magic Numbers
  • Tutor alumni spotlight: Christina Wulf

November/December 2012

UWC Monthly

  • UWC tutors recognized for excellence
  • Senior UWC tutor reflects, wisely: Jennelle Martin
  • Blue skies in San Diego: UWC faculty present at IWCA conference
  • Behind the Magic Numbers
  • Tutor alumni spotlight: Julia Cavalieri

September/October 2012

UWC Monthly

  • New faces, new places, new initiatives
  • The UWC kicks off tutoring in the APC
  • UWC-ELLS peer tutor training program
  • Faculty Fellow spotlight: Reba Leiding
  • Tutor alumni spotlight: Patti Ro

March 2012

UWC Monthly

  • JMU faculty panel on writing in the disciplines
  • Psychology majors join the UWC tutor team
  • Faculty Fellow spotlight: Erin Lambert Hartman
  • Tutor alumni spotlight: Mike Kern

February 2012

UWC Monthly

  • Changes to professional development program
  • Challenges of online tutoring
  • Longwood University's second visit
  • Tutor alumni spotlight: Amy Drewes

January 2012

UWC Monthly

  • Virginia state university writing center comparisons
  • Social activities for writing center staff
  • Faculty Fellows spotlight: Kevin Jefferson
  • Tutor alumni spotlight: Alicia Wendt

December 2011

UWC Monthly

  • Tutor contributions outside the Center
  • Marketing and outreach internships
  • The making of the "Super Tutors" video

November 2011

UWC Monthly

  • Classroom presentations
  • Writing Center clientele and services
  • Write Nights updates

October 2011

UWC Monthly

  • Writing Center upgrades and innovations
  • Tutoring vs. teaching
  • A librarian's perspective on working in the Writing Center
  • Advice for writing personal statements

April 2011

UWC Monthly

  • Tutors participate in Alternative Spring Break
  • Longwood University visit
  • Write Nights expansion
  • Misconceptions about writing in other disciplines

March 2011

UWC Monthly

  • Introducing the Fellows: The Writing Fellows Program
  • Faculty perspectives on the Writing Center
  • Tips on writing effective titles

February 2011

UWC Monthly

  • History of the University Writing Center
  • Cross-center tutoring
  • New tutor's perspective on the beginning of the semester

November 2010

UWC Monthly

  • English Language Learner services

  • Coverage of the International Writing Centers Association conference & the National Conference on Peer Tutoring in Writing
  • Perspective of graduate assistants
  • Reflections on writing & producing a music video

October 2010

UWC Monthly

  • Update on the success of Write Nights
  • Details of in-class workshops
  • Views from the Tutoring Writing course

September 2010

UWC Monthly Newsletter

  • The opening of Write Nights
  • The UWC Blackboard group
  • Sneak-peak of our music video "We Think You're Gonna Like it Here"