Faculty Resources

The University Writing Center offers the following resources to support faculty as teachers, writers, and scholars:

JMU Link Library

The JMU Link Library can be a useful resource for teaching faculty. If you are looking for new ways to explain a writing or citation concept, additional writing resources for your students, or a quick reminder grammar review for yourself, you might find what you need in the JMU Link Library. Please feel free to contact us at feathejj@jmu.edu if there is an additional resource you would like to see.

Syllabus Statement

If you would like to encourage your students to use the Writing Center, feel free to copy and paste this syllabus statement into your syllabus or Blackboard classroom.

Two little notes: First, the University Writing Center discourages faculty from giving class credit to students who visit the center. Students often come to these sessions with very little motivation or willingness to work. In addition, having our services tied to a grade also contradicts our mission. We want to work collaboratively with students to empower them as writers. We want students to feel they can come to the center to work on assignments and develop their writing without being fearful about grading or judgment.

Second, the UWC and its tutors make it a policy not to discuss tutoring sessions with professors. Professors may ask their students about sessions, but we consider what is said during a session to be confidential. It's important for students to feel safe to test out ideas and important for us to stay outside of the evaluative classroom learning space.

Class Visits & Workshops

Our consultants and peer tutors can visit your class to promote Writing Center services or to provide mini-workshops on specific topics. Contact Lucy Green to coordinate a visit.


Individualized Writing Consultations

We welcome faculty to take advantage of the same individualized consultation services that we offer to students. You can make an appointment through our convenient online scheduler.

Teaching Consultations

Writing Center consultants can assist faculty who teach writing in any discipline with assignment design and troubleshooting, evaluation techniques, and classroom strategies for enhancing student performance on written assignments. Guidelines for providing effective essay feedback to students can be downloaded by clicking here. Contact Jared Featherstone for additional information.

Scholarly Writers' Groups for Faculty

In partnership with JMU's Center for Faculty Innovation, the University Writing Center offers various programs to support faculty scholarship across campus. The Scholarly Writers' Groups provide structured, writer-centered environments for faculty to work on scholarly manuscripts, books, or other writing projects. Each group provides individualized objectives, support from peers, accountability for progress, and celebration of successes. Please contact Kurt Schick for additional information.

Designing Effective Assignments

Not getting the results you want from writing assignments? Looking to improve your prompts? Wondering how to help students manage major assignments or group projects?

All faculty members have encountered the problem of giving assignment prompts that don't yield the expected results. In some cases, these results are related to the way the assignment prompt is written and the way an assignment is managed by the professor. The University Writing Center has developed a series of videos to help teaching faculty see the results of problematic assignments. These videos show mock tutoring sessions based heavily on an aggregate of actual sessions. In the videos, the student struggles as a result of the assignment prompt or the way the professor manages the assignment.

We cover four potential problems with assignments: confusing organization, minimal guidance, over-engineering, and group writing.

tutoring session about organization

student and tutor discuss minimal guidance

student and tutor discussing over-engineered assignments

Student and Peer Tutor

Assignment Design Guidelines (download)

If you would like to schedule an one-on-one consultation about your writing assignments, please contact Jared Featherstone.

Undergraduate Writing Fellows Program

The Writing Fellows Program pairs advanced undergraduate writing tutors with courses in a variety of disciplines. In these classes, writing fellows help lead writing workshops, deliver mini-lessons, hold individual student conferences, and collaborate on assignment design. Learn more about hosting a writing fellow in one of your courses here.