Mission and Policies:

The University Writing Center empowers students, faculty, and staff to develop writing skills and confidence by providing one-to-one consultations, resources, and programming that support and enhance writing across campus. Since its official opening in 1975, the Writing Center (previously known as The Writing Lab and The Writing & Reading Resource Center), has been committed to supporting students, faculty, and the teaching of writing. In order to achieve our mission and to clarify the Writing Center's purpose, the Writing Center has adopted the following policies:

Purpose and Usage:

We aim to help students improve as writers, not to edit or proofread papers. We see ourselves as teachers who transfer skills and provide resources, and as readers who offer authentic response and feedback.

We are not responsible for students' grades, and we prefer not to discuss grades that papers earn or to question feedback from classroom professors. Although we consider ourselves writing experts, we cannot predict the grade that a paper will receive nor do we keep magic wands in our desk drawers.

Faculty, please contact the UWC at least two weeks in advance if you are considering requiring your students to visit.


To make an appointment, access our online scheduler at http://jmu.mywconline.com/. Once you register, you can make an appointment with any of the writing consultants, simply by selecting an available space.

Students may schedule one 45-minute appointment per day, up to two appointments every seven calendar days, and may schedule appointments up to two weeks in advance. If you have questions, please consult the FAQs page, call 568-1759, or visit the 1st floor of the Student Success Center.

Students can reschedule or cancel their appointments up to one hour before the start time via the online scheduler control panel. Within one hour of the appointment, students with urgent needs to cancel or reschedule should call 568-1759 for assistance. Calling near or at the appointed time without a valid excuse is not acceptable (see "Missed Appointments" below).

Beyond two weekly writing consultations, students are welcome to use the Writing Center's study space as often as needed.

Online Tutoring

Online tutoring is available on a limited basis for students who have difficulty accessing the Student Success Center. If you are interested in online tutoring, please send a request letter explaining your need to feathejj@jmu.edu. Examples of acceptable explanations are full-time work schedules, physical injuries or disabilities, long commutes to campus, or studying abroad. We may request documentation after receiving your request.

Missed Appointments

Students who miss two scheduled appointments will be unable to make reservations for the remainder of the semester. If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, you can do so up to one hour in advance via the Control Panel of our online scheduler, or, in case of an urgent situation, call 568-1759.

Arriving ten minutes late for a scheduled appointment will count as a missed appointment.

Students who lose scheduling privileges may still use the Writing Center on a walk-in basis, though we cannot guarantee that a tutor will be available.

Thesis Papers and Graduate Projects

Students working on thesis/honors projects may contact the Writing Center to schedule appointments over 2 weeks in advance.

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