College of Education Professor Teresa Harris has earned Fulbright funding to teach early childhood education at a university and another school in South Africa from January to June, 2010. Earlier this summer, she led a group of eight JMU graduate students to South Africa to study attitudes and practices in that country. Education, she says, ensures people have access to important resources such as good nutrition, health care and employment opportunities, and it empowers them "to take a place in society and to have a voice." Harris regularly takes groups of JMU education students to Africa, and the Fulbright is vital to her teaching and scholarship.


During the month of July, thirty-five rising college freshmen will be in residence at JMU as part of the Bridging the Valley Workshop. Designed to better prepare students majoring in STEM programs, the workshop combines rigorous study in math and science with service learning opportunities. In particular, students will help clean up Black's Run as a way to explore environmental change. Participants are drawn from the freshmen classes at James Madison University, Bridgewater College, Eastern Mennonite University and Blue Ridge Community College and receive instruction from faculty at all four institutions. For more info contact Dr. Bob Kolvoord, a professor of integrated science and technology and educational technologies and co-director of the Center for STEM Education and Outreach at JMU.


JMU offers many different ways to get and stay engaged. Some of them are listed here.

Community Service-Learning is a partnership joining JMU students, faculty, staff, and the surrounding communities by identifying and coordinating intentional service opportunities to cultivate social responsibility and life-long learning, thereby fostering a generation of leaders committed to positive social change.

You've thought about it! You've dreamed about it! What are you waiting for?  College is the best time of your life to take advantage of the endless study abroad opportunities available to you.  You may never have another chance to immerse yourself in a different culture with the student point of view.  Wander beyond your corner of the earth. Roam across borders and oceans. Embrace cultures different from your own. Experience the adventure of a lifetime!  Studying abroad will broaden your perspective from JMU's campus in Harrisonburg in ways that you can only imagine.

Are We Connected? This is the question we ask ourselves every day at the Institute for Innovation in Health and Human Services. It reminds us that knowledge is only as good as the connections it makes and that the connections between the campus and community are a mighty engine for the advancement of knowledge. We pursue innovations in health and human services by conscientiously connecting academic dedication to education, research, and service with community awareness of what people truly need. For those connections to advance scholarship on the campus and wellness in the community, they need to be sustained by the synergies of faculty and students and community leaders and engaged citizens whose interactions pay off in knowledge dividends

The role of the ISNW is to facilitate sustainability by coordinating environmental stewardship efforts across campus, advocating for priorities, and challenging all members of the James Madison community to think critically about their role in achieving the long-term stewardship of Earth.  The ISNW serves as an internal and external point of contact for university-wide environmental stewardship activities.