We are a community committed to preparing students to be educated and enlightened citizens who lead productive and meaningful lives.

-JMU Mission Statement

Welcome to James Madison University's Civic Engagement website. Its purpose is to pull together in one convenient location information about the many different ways we promote citizenship on this campus--from award-winning programs and innovative courses to inspiring guest speakers and eye-opening service experiences. Browse around and see how we live our mission, every day.


JMU Position Statement

James Madison University sees an educated and civically engaged citizenry as essential to a vibrant democracy. Civic engagement is a developmental process moving one from awareness and curiosity to understanding and action. On this campus, it is fostered by learning activities that cultivate knowledge, skills, motivations, and mutually-beneficial collaborative actions with communities (campus, local, state, national, and global). These activities can be found in the classroom and in experiences and environments that promote social learning, and are chiefly identified by an intentional emphasis on and measurement of civic outcomes. In promoting many different ways of fostering engagement, JMU encourages widespread participation in civic life and fulfills the public purpose of higher education.