ISC Study Group Program

As part of the JMU mission to enhance diversity on campus, JMU entered into a partnership in 2010 with the International Study Center (ISC), a multi-national company specializing in educating foreign students in host countries.   

Study Group provides transitional courses, including English, to foreign students coming to JMU.  Students in the program obtain general education credit equivalent to a typical first year at JMU while they adjust to the culture and the language.  This comprehensive program emphasizes academics, culture transition, and language acquisition.  Students who complete the program matriculate as full-time JMU students. 

In an effort to address potential questions from JMU faculty and staff, we have developed the JMU Policy Manual for Study Group Undergraduate Students.  The manual will be available as a link from this page on March 1, 2012. 

For more information please visit  JMU's Study Group Program.

Policy Manual for Undergraduate ISC Study Group Students

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