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Tuition & Fees

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Tuition & Fees

2007 - 2008 Tuition & Fee Rates

Tuition charges are based on the course career and not the academic level of the student. An undergraduate student given permission to take a graduate level course will be charged the graduate rate in addition to the appropriate undergraduate charges. All JMU approved internships will be charged the regular tuition rate.

(per semester)

Virginia Non-Virginia
Hours Fees Hours Fees
1-3 $ 662 1-3 $1,734
4-6 $1,324 4-6 $3,468
7-9 $1,985 7-9 $5,201
10-11 $2,427 10-11 $6,358
12+ $3,333 12+ $8,693


Virginia Non-Virginia
$280/credit hour $796/credit hour

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Room & Board (per semester)

Location Amount
Residence Hall $1,856
Denton's $2,356
Plan Amount
14+ meal plan $1,562
19+ meal plan $1,698
Weekly 11+ plan $1,638

Miscellaneous Fees

Orientation Fee (Freshman & Transfer) $140
Internet Connection Fee* $ 60*

*Charged each semester to all students housed on campus.

In accordance with Virginia law, in-state students who initially entered a Virginia public institution starting with the fall 2006 semester will be assessed a surcharge for any credit hours over 125% of their degree program requirement. Exceptions may apply when credit hours are required for an additional program.

Miscellaneous Fees, Fines and Deposits

Students may encounter other fees, fines and deposits depending on their course of study or specific needs. These could include:

Fees are required for credit by exam, housing contracts, Utility Deposit Assistance Program (UDAP), certain classes, and some health center visits. Long distance telephone calls made from a residence hall telephone are applied as a monthly fee to student accounts. A fee may also be assessed to reissue a lost refund or allotment check.

Fines are assessed by numerous areas on campus which include Judicial Affairs, the Library, the Parking Office, Athletics, and Residence Life. Fines from the Parking Office are held for 30 days and if unpaid, are transferred to UBO on the 31st day and are posted to the student account. All fines create an immediate hold on the student account and must be paid in full to have the hold released. Fines can be paid by mailing a check; making a payment by check, FLEX or cash at the cashier counter in the Student Success Center on the 5th floor during business hours; or anytime on our Make a Payment page with a credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover) or electronic check payment.

Holds do not automatically release, but are reviewed once each business day.  If you have paid a balance and need the hold released immediately, please contact the University Business Office during regular business hours and your payment can be verified and the hold released.

Deposits are required for university admission and off-campus programs, i.e. all study abroad programs and Semester in Washington, and are credited toward the cost of the program. Deposit amounts and due dates will vary depending on the program.

Please contact the office responsible for the fee, fine or deposit for additional information.