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Perkins Loan


Perkins Loan Disbursements

Promissory Notes
The Perkins Loan Program is a federal loan program. Therefore, a promissory note must be signed and dated by the recipient prior to the funds being disbursed to the student's account.

Rights & Responsibilities
The entrance questionnaire, which is included with the financial aid award packet, must be completed and returned to the Financial Aid Office. Completion of the questionnaire signifies the student's acceptance of the Perkins Loan.

Perkins & Nursing Loan Exit Interviews

Rights & Responsibilities
The Perkins Loan Program and Nursing Loan Program require that all recipients attend an exit interview before graduating, leaving the University, or attending less than half-time for the semester enrolled. During the interview sessions our office informs the student of their rights and responsibilities which include the following:

  • Grace Period
  • Deferments and how they work
  • Cancellation privileges and how they work

Students are notified of exit interviews by JMU e-mail. If a student fails to complete the exit interview, a hold is placed on the student's transcript and/or diploma until we have received all the proper paperwork required to meet federal regulations. Exit interviews are completed online at