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PCI DSS Online Quiz

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Initial PCI-DSS Training

New Employee

If you are a new employee and use credit card machines or process payment online or by phone for the University, then you need PCI-DSS training. To sign up for initial new hire employee training please email Wesley Howdyshell at to set up a time for training. 


If you are a department that has a JMU student who needs to process payments on the phone or online then please contact Wesley Howdyshell at and the UBO will decide if the student(s) needs training. 

Current Employee

If you already had the new hire employee training when you first started here at JMU then you have one of two options. 

  1. You can take the online assessment quiz to recertify you as PCI compliant. Please go to our PCI Training Manual and read through the pages to refresh your understanding of PCI. The council does add new information yearly. Once you have read through the slides please go to our QUIZ for current employee re-certification. You will need an 80% to pass the quiz. 

    Once you have completed the quiz with an 80% pass rate then you will receive a certificate to print out and sign as well as your supervisor's signature. Please send the document to the UBO MSC 3516 with Wesley Howdyshell's name on it.  

  2. If your department has multiple employees that need re-certification then please contact Wesley Howdyshell or email him at to set up a time to meet with your department and re-certify the employees.