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Installment Payment Plans

An installment payment plan is offered and administered through JMU’s vendor, Higher One/CashNet, for the fall and spring semesters.  The plan is based on a budgeted amount that you determine is needed and set up separately for each semester.  Tuition, room rent, meal plan charges and other appropriate fees are posted throughout the year on the UBO web site.  You may use estimated amounts when setting up the plan and can make adjustments for increases and decreases when final amounts are determined during the first weeks of the semester. 


 Fall Payment Plan

Enrollment Period Number of Payments Payment charged on 5th of
June 1 - July 4 5 July - November
July 5 - August 4 4 August - November
August 5 - Tuition Due Date 3 September - November

Spring Payment Plan

Enrollment Period Number of Payments Payment charged on 5th of
June 1 - December 4 5 December - April
December 5 - January 4 4 January - April
January 5 - Tuition Due Date 3 February - April


  • The monthly installment payment plan operates as an automated bank debit or automated credit card charge for the specific period of time based on the number of payments available as of the enrollment date.  There is a 2.75% fee to use a credit card.  There is no fee to use a bank debit.
  • The enrollment fee will be between $10 and $30 per semester based on your budget amount and will be charged immediately.
  • The minimum budget amount is $415.
  • Payment plan balances can be increased or decreased by contacting the University Business Office during regular business hours.
  • The Vendor will charge a fee(s) for bank payments returned for non-sufficient funds or expired or terminated credit card payments.  Please refer to the terms of agreement for fees in the installment payment plan contract.
  • Two missed installment payments will result in termination of the contract and the balance will be due immediately to the UBO.  Late payment fees will apply.
  • University Tuition and Fee information is available at