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Instructional Consultation Teams

Melinda Bright and Kandy Grant at our Stakeholder's Meeting

Instructional Consultation Teams represent a way for schools to organize and deliver services to support students and teachers. By restricting and refocusing resources, students achieve academic and behavioral success within the general education environment, teachers assume the primary role of planning and accounting for student performance, and schools allocate resources through accountable decision-making procedures.

IC Teams (Rosenfield, & Gravois, 1996) are theoretically grounded in, and serve as a delivery system of, instructional consultation (Rosenfield, 1987; 2002) and instructional assessment (Gravois & Gickling, 2008). The model is based upon the premise that quality instruction matched to a student’s assessed entry skills increases student success, reduces behavioral difficulties, and avoids the need for special education evaluation and placement.




Kandy Grant