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T/TAC Library


The Region 5 T/TAC lending library allows educational personnel and parents the opportunity to use devices, switches, DVDs, software, and books covering disabilities and special education-related topics that help enhance communication, learning, and teaching.   Having a trial period offers the chance to explore the usefulness of different materials in different situations.

General Information: 

You may check out up to 5 items and keep them for 3 weeks. Renewal for another 3 weeks is possible. A paid postage label is provided to return items through the mail.

Library Search                  Use words from titles, descriptions, or categories to find    
Library Request Form         Put item numbers in the Service Description Space to request
                                        materials and click submit.

         Monday - Friday 8:30 a.m.--4:30 p.m.

          James Madison University
          Blue Ridge Hall Room 248
          601 University Blvd.
          Harrisonburg, VA 22807

          Yvonne Conder-Library Manger

Keep in mind that if items are lost or damaged, you will be responsible for the cost of replacing them. Assistive technology items are available for school use only.

   Library Materials

    QuickTalker 7   TCD 069
    QuickTalker 12  TCD 070
    QuickTalker 23  TCD 071
    Ready, Set, Go! PDE 034

 Curricula--May be kept

 Equals Math
 Touch Money Game/Workbook
 Pictures Directions
 Clicker 5
 Star Reporter Elementary
 Star Reporter Secondary
 MEville - WEville
 ELSB Level One & Two
 ALL Literacy
 Teaching to the Standards-Math
 Teaching to the Standards -Science
 Building With Stories
 Above and Beyond Math
 PCI Literacy-Levels 1 & 2
 PCI Environmental Print
 PCI Vocabulary Development 
 PCI Word Problems for