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    Inclusive PracticeS

Inclusion is a philosophy or set of beliefs based on the idea that students with disabilities have the right to be members of classroom communities with nondisabled peers, whether or not they can meet the traditional expectations of those classrooms (Friend, 2007). While the continuum of services remains in place to meet the needs of students with disabilities, one common service delivery model used is co-teaching. Best practice strategies including differentiation of instruction, effective use of co-teaching models, co-planning, assessment, and data analysis are necessary to ensure long-term academic growth and enhanced social outcomes for students with disabilities in the co-taught classroom.

                       Inclusive Practice

                      Inclusive practices presentation by Region 5 T/TAC Coordinators


National Center for Learning Disabilities: www.ncld.org

Inclusive Schools Network: www.inclusiveschools.org

National Dissemination Center for Children with Disabilities: www.nichy.org


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