Baas Bikes offers a new way for students to purchase a used bike while they are on campus.  Baas operates a “virtual on campus marketplace” that allows students to buy used bikes, right from existing bike racks.  Using Baas’ Bluetooth lock technology, students can unlock bikes with their phones to take them for test rides.  If you like a bike, you can just purchase it directly from the Baas App, and it’s yours!  Baas Bikes also come with a free U-Lock.

You can sell your bike with Baas too!  To eliminate the hassle of figuring out what to do with your old bike if you are leaving campus or want a new one, Baas also lets you sell yours to make money.  By putting it in the marketplace, you can just sell it to another student through their system -- just with a few taps in the app.  See below for instructions on how to list your bike for sale.  No more wasted bikes around campus, and you’ll be able to make some money!

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How to Buy a Used Bike

step 1 reserve

Step 1: Find

Open the Baas Bikes app to see the available bikes for sale on campus, which are locked to regular bike racks.  

step 2 wake up

Step 2: Reserve a Test Ride

Once you have selected a bike, push the button on the lock to wake it up.

At any time, you can reserve a bike and then walk over to test ride it. 

step 3 unlock

Step 3: Unlock with Bluetooth

When the lock light turns blue, tap the Unlock button in the app and the chain will release.

Ride the bike anywhere you like to test ride. 

remove chain

Step 4: Review Bike Information

Review the bike purchase information by tapping the shopping cart button. 

While test riding, you have the option to tap Purchase at any time and the bike is yours. 

step 5 end test ride

Step 5: End Test Ride

To finish your test-ride, re-lock the chain and hit End Session in the app. 

If you are returning the bike instead of buying, make sure the chain is around the bike frame. 

adjust seat

Step 6: Finish Purchase

All registered bike owners at JMU get a free U-Lock, so we’ll send you instructions about how to pick yours up!

How to Sell a Bike

Want to make some money from a bike you are looking to get rid of? All you need to do is drop it off at an open Baas lock on campus. Once you do, other students can test ride the bike and then purchase it through the app.

Baas will send you the money via PayPal or Venmo. Baas takes a 20% listing fee when the bike gets sold, and the remaining 80% is yours! 

To upload a picture of your bike and set the price, fill out this form

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Things to Know About Using the Baas Marketplace 

Find a bike you love! You are allowed to test ride any bike as many times as you like. Baas charges a $1 test ride fee to insure quality. When you purchase a bike, it comes with a 7-day full-refund period. 

If you discover it’s not the right bike for you, contact us in the app and we’ll let you drop it back off at the locking station where you bought it. 

If you are selling a bike with Baas, you can take it out of the system at any time. 

Bikes for sale and locking stations are located within the blue boundaries on the Baas App map. Using the Baas app requires Location and Bluetooth services enabled on your phone.



Safety is the most important thing to Baas.  We require all of our riders to follow local bicycling rules, and strongly encourage them to wear a helmet during riding.  For good resources on safe cycling, please visit the following sources:

JMU Bike Safety Video

Sharing the Road in Virginia

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration: Bicycles

JMU Office of Student Accountability & Restorative Practices: Standards and Policies


If you have any questions about Baas Bikes, call 415/483-5733 or visit the Baas Bikes FAQ page.

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