How do I register my bike?

All bikes on JMU’s campus should be registered. This will make it possible for the University to contact you if your bike is damaged or stolen and recovered. 

To register, click hereIt only takes about 60 seconds!

First, snap a photo of your bike with your phone’s camera. Then, in your phone’s web browser, click here to upload your picture and fill in the short form. Once you have completed the form, you’ll receive a Registration Confirmation email.

Additional Registration Benefit: Integration with the Bike Marketplace by Baas Bikes

Baas Bikes operates the Bike Marketplace on campus, which is an app that enables you to buy a used bike from one of their locking stations.

Baas also enables you to sell your old bike through the app. If you want to upgrade your bike, or leave at the end of the semester and don’t have space to bring your bike with you, this is your solution. If it is registered, all you need to do is lock it to one of the Baas locks around campus and name your price. All the other bike info is already in the Baas system. Baas will automatically list your bike for sale, and they pay you upon the sale (you get the sale price, minus a 20% Baas transaction fee).

Registering your bike also means it is guarded against theft. A stolen bike cannot be sold through the Baas Marketplace, and Baas is actively monitoring other used bike marketplaces for stolen property. The registration sticker will be a major theft deterrent.

bike registration link

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