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Appealing for JMU Transfer Credit



You may make an appeal for specific JMU course credit if you received elective credit for a course taken at your previous institution.  Courses on your transer credit report designated with 000, 001, 002, or 003 have been accepted as electives.  It is important to keep in mind that an appeal is not automatically approved and is at the discretion of the specific academic program unit head.

You can make an appeal for JMU course credit any time after you have enrolled at the university.  However, the earlier you make your appeal, the sooner you will know which graduaiton requirements you need to fulfill.  During JMU's 1787 August Orientation, there will be a session specifically for new transfer students who wish to appeal for General Education credit.  You will find the date and time for the appeal session at summer springboard in June.  Please review the appealing transfer cedit video carefully for more instructions.