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Modern Foreign Languages (B.A.)

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Concentrations: French, German, Italian, Spanish

Major requirements and their VCCS equivalents (and RBC equivalents if applicable)

JMU CourseVCCS CourseRBC CourseNotes
FR 101, 102FRE 101, 102 or FRE 111, 112French 101, 102-
FR 231, 232FRE 201, 202 or FRE 203, 204French 201, 202-
GER 101, 102GER 101, 102 or GER 103, 104 or GER 111, 112No equivalent-
GER 231, 232GER 201, 202 or GER 241, 242No equivalent-
ITAL 101, 102ITA 101, 102 or ITA 111, 112No equivalent-
ITAL 231, 232ITA 201, 202No equivalent-
SPAN 101, 102SPA 101, 102 or SPA 103, 104 or SPA 111, 112 or SPA 163, 164Spanish 101, 102-
SPAN 231, 232SPA 201, 202 or SPA 203, 204 or SPA 211, 212Spanish 201, 202-

Advising Notes:

Please Read: This major guide is a list of all possible major courses offered in the Virginia Community College System. Not all courses may be offered at your community college, and you are not required to complete all these courses in order to transfer. Rather, itís designed to help you meet JMU major requirements before you transfer, and be better prepared to progress through the major once you arrive at JMU. Please be sure to read the advising notes for additional information on the major.

1. Students are strongly encouraged to begin their foreign language at the community college. Foreign language major requirements start at the 300 level; the above introductory and intermediate courses are prerequisites for 300.
2. Foreign language majors must complete through the intermediate level (232 at JMU) of a second language, unless they have a second major or are pursuing teacher licensure.
3. Students who have had two or more years of language in high school will not receive credit for the introductory sequence of the same language.
4. Students seeking teacher licensure in foreign language must also complete the pre-professional secondary education program. See links below for more information on teacher education for transfer students, and the Regional Teacher Education Agreement (RTEA) between JMU and Blue Ridge, Lord Fairfax, and Piedmont Virginia Community College.

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