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Virginia Theatre Association

The Virginia Theatre Association (VTA) is the voice of theatre in the Commonwealth.
VTA fosters, encourages and assists in the practice and study of the theatre arts in Virginia at all levels. VTA and its membership work to:

* ENCOURAGE the growth of theatre;

* FORGE COOPERATIVE LINKS among arts associations, professional and nonprofessional theatre workers, theatre educators and students;

* FACILITATE SHARING OUR WORK through festivals of college, secondary, young people's and community theatre;

* IMPROVE THE STANDARD OF QUALITY in Theatre Production and Training, sponsoring auditions for secondary and university students at its annual conference; and

* SERVE as the official state representative to the Southeastern Theatre Conference.


Each VTA member belongs to one of four divisions: college/university, secondary, young people's and community. Each division works on projects and shares ideas related to its particular needs and interests. VTA maintains communication within and across divisions, and provides other services of interest to division members.


The next annual convention will take place November 10-12, 2000, at the Norfolk Sheraton Hotel. Members share their work through festivals and competitions, expand skills through workshops and programs, develop young actors and theatre workers, qualify for program admission or employment through auditions, and present awards to theatre workers and others who contribute to the art of theatre in Virginia. Networking is a special feature of the convention! CONFERENCE REGISTRATION FEES: Non-Student = $25.00 and Student = $15.00

EXHIBITORS: Theatrical suppliers, theatres, colleges and universities exhibit at the annual convention and advertise in the convention progam. Informative displays provide VTA members with important information, and contacts are established for future reference.


The VTA NEWS, the association's newsletter, keeps members in touch with its feature, "What's Playing in Virginia." It is also a place for members to share theatre news, program announcements and other information. Submissions to VTA NEWS are welcome. Please send them to the VTA Office.


To enjoy the benefits of VTA membership, send your name, school or organization, address, city, state, zip, phone number and e-mail address with your check to:


Administrative Director: Mary K. Molineu (Phone: 540-568-6038)
School of Theatre and Dance
James Madison University
MSC 5601
Harrisonburg, VA 22807

MEMBERSHIP DUES: Non-Student = $50.00 and Student = $15.00

DIVISION (select one): Community, Young People's, Secondary or College/University

For further information, please contact: Mary K. Molineu

Mary K. Molineu
JMU School of Theatre and Dance
and Virginia Theatre Association
(JMU) 540.568.6342
(VTA) 540.568.6038
(FAX) 540.568.7858

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