Note: This workshop is capped at 24 participants

Total Workshop Time: 1 Hour

Pre-requisites: None

Description: You have a critical piece of mail to go out; you put it in an Inter-Office Mail envelope, add the MSC code and drop it in the plastic mail bin, certain that it will get where you need it to go. However, with a campus as large as JMU, with all of the outlying areas and offices, HOW DO THEY DO IT? Learn the tips and “tricks of the trade” along with special services that Mail Services can provide your department.

Managing Department and Building Keys can be confusing and cumbersome; however, it is one of the most essential duties on campus! Come get a “lock” on the “key” facets of this important topic. Participants will learn about the mechanics and safeguards to keep in mind while the custodian of JMU keys.

Facilitated by: Tina Custer, Operations Manager with Pitney-Bowes and Brandon Lucas, JMU Lockshop Supervisor

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Level: Fundamental

Type: Single Session

Competency: Administrative Skills

Series: Administrative Assistants Certificate Program

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