Note: This workshop is capped at 16 participants.

Total Workshop Time: 3 Hours

Pre-requisites: None


With four generations in the workplace and a fifth generation on the way, it's not surprising that communication remains a top workplace issue identified by numerous business leaders as well as by participants in our annual Talent Development Survey. Ineffective communication can lead to poor work results or missed deadlines, and it can cause people to feel disrespected or unappreciated. This workshop will provide participants with an opportunity to learn about different communication preferences and approaches to make sure every generation can be included in the conversation.

In this workshop, participants will:

  • Identify the different generations currently in the workplace
  • Examine generational differences in communication preferences and approaches to work
  • Explore techniques for improving communication across generations

Facilitated by: Jennifer Campfield, Director of Talent Development

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Type: Single Session

Level: Advanced

Competency: Diversity

Series: New for 2017

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