Note: A minimum pre-registration of 8 participants is required for this workshop to be facilitated as scheduled.

Total Workshop Time: 90 Minutes

Pre-requisites: None.


Change, problem solving and goal planning are inevitable aspects of our work lives. While we can't eliminate these challenges, we do get to choose how we respond. In this workshop, we will explore the advantages of using a strengths-based "appreciative" approach rather than a deficiencies-based "problem solving" approach when initiating and managing change.

In this workshop participants will:                        

  • Learn about the theory of Appreciative Inquiry                                                                       
  • Explore how strengths-based approaches can contribute to more effective problem solving and change management                                                                      
  • Develop an understanding of a S.O.A.R. analysis framework as an alternative to the S.W.O.T. framework when doing strategic planning

Facilitated by: Jennifer Campfield, Director of Talent Development

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Type: Single Session

Level: Intermediate

Competency: Organizational Development

Series: New for 2016
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