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Attendant for Aspergers Child

Contact Information & Location:

Janis Ralston

Email:  jarsolonva@gmail.com

Location:  Mt. Solon, VA (near Bridgewater, VA- about 15-20 minutes from JMU)

Job Description

I am looking for someone with Special Education background to work with my 10 year old son who has Aspergers and OCD (oral fixation).


* To help my son work on ADLs along with recognizing his body's needs.  For example, itching would be relieved by a shower (i.e., after rolling in the grass).

* Develop appropriate coping mechanisms for stress, currently he exhibits inappropriate chewing (chews on inanimate objects, thumb sucking).

* In general, form a bond with him similiar to an older sibling or cousin.  If outside school hours, take him places and have fun with him; working on social skills and basic manners in public settings.  I must know where you are headed (park, nature trail, mall, etc.). 

Candidate Requirements

* Experience working with individuals who have special needs.

* Have own transportation (clean driving record, insurance)

* Availability:  starting August26, hours are negotiable.  I need school hours and /or afterschool hours.  Occasional weekend times can be used to maintain your hours when we need to work around your tests, major projects, etc.  This position is allotted 60 hours biweekly for attendant care (will provide more on this when we talk.)

* Ability to read non-verbal communication.  Although my son is very verbal, he doesn't always find the word he means.  For example, identifying his emotion as "I'm bored." when he's agitated, hungry or tired. 

* This is an EDCD waiver position.  The wage is $8.87, paid monthly, unless the state changes it.  You are paid through them, so minimal computer skills are necessary to submit electronic timesheets.  They also run a CPS background check.

* Ability to exercise patience, while insisting on a structured routine.

How to Respond to Position

Please send me an email describing:  1) your experience working with special needs children (paid or unpaid) 2) your year and major 3) in providing your contact information, list how you are most comfortable communicating regarding this position:  email, texting, phone (if so, what hours are appropriate to call). 4) contact information for 2 references.  One professional (such as a professor, previous employer, pastor) and one personal.