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Ralston Family

5th/6th grade Math Tutor

Contact Information & Location:

Janis Ralston

Email:  jarsolonva@gmail.com

Phone call:  540-820-6758

Location:  1041 North River Rd Mt. Solon, VA (near Bridgewater, VA- about 15-20 minutes from JMU)

Job Description

Currently seeking a tutor for a sixth grader in Math.  My child needs to solidify 5th grade concepts, thus the need for a tutor now.  He needs the practice and reminder/refresher of processes.  This is a homeschooler, so hours available are very flexible.  We can meet at a library or in our home.

Pay rate:  $8.87/hr

Hours per week:  negotiable

Duration:  Fall Semester

Candidate Requirements


How to Respond to Position

Email or phone call