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Ralston Family

Attendant for Aspergers Teen

Contact Information & Location:

Janis Ralston

Email:  jarsolonva@gmail.com

Phone call:  540-820-6758

Location:  1041 North River Rd Mt. Solon, VA (near Bridgewater, VA- about 15-20 minutes from JMU)

Job Description

I am looking for someone with Special Education background to work with my 13 year old son who is on the spectrum. (Aspergers)

This is a non-smoking position.


-To help my son work on ADLs along with recognizing his body's needs. (This is really basic, make sure he eats, washes his hands, etc.)

-Develop appropriate coping mechanisms for stress. (Again, easy, instead of turing over a game board, let's talk about that last move.)

-In general, form a bond with him similar to older sibling or cousin.  If outside school hours, take him places and have fun with him; working on social skills and basic manners in public settings.  I must know where you are headed (ie park, nature trail, mall).

Please send me an email describing:

-your experience working with special needs children (volunteer or paid).

-your year and major

-in providing your contact information, list how you are most comfortable communicating regarding this position: email, texting, phone (if so, what hours are appropriate to call).

-contact information for 2 references.  One professional (such as professor, previous employer, pastor) and one personal.


Pay rate:  $9.04/hr

Hours per week:  40, can be multple students

Specific Hours:  Afternoon, Sat or Sun during Spring Term; Negotiable during summer

Duration:  Spring Term (around school hours), Summer

Candidate Requirements


-Experience working with individuals who have special needs.

-Have own transportation. (clean driving record, insurance)

- Availability:  Spring Term, but I also need someone starting June 13 for the summer.

-Ability to read non-verbal communication. Although my son is very verbal, he doesn't always find the word he means.

-This is an EDCD waiver position.  The wage is $9.04, paid biweekly, unless the state changes it.  You are paid through them, so minimal computer skills are necessary to submit electronic time sheets.  They also run a CPS background check.

-Ability to exercise patience, while insisting on a structured routine.


How to Respond to Position

Email or phone call