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A SHOUT OUT is intended to identify and recognize individuals or groups for a noteworthy act or effort. Examples of what might warrant a SHOUT OUT include:

  • Major accomplishments
  • Demonstrating the values of our division
  • Exhibiting excellence
  • Collaborating in new and unique ways
  • Going above and beyond expectations

Send someone a SHOUT OUT

2015-16 SHOUT OUTS

A SHOUT OUT to Amish Pierce, Marian Cornelius, & Brittany Cover in Counseling Center

Big shout out to your dedication demonstrated w/ all the time & energy you put in rescheduling appts missed due to snow days! Your efforts are much appreciated by all of us!!

A SHOUT OUT to Phyllis Anderson in University Health Center

Thank you to Phyllis for always helping out with the UHC Update!

A SHOUT OUT to Summer Springboard Family Check-In Volunteers

Orientation programs couldn't succeed without the support of our campus partners. I would like to give a "Shout Out" to all those individuals for coming to the Student Success Center at 7am during the summer when you maybe didn't have to, but came anyways to support our Parent/Guest Check-In during our Transfer and First-Year Summer Springboard. I truly appreciated your dedication. Thank you!

A SHOUT OUT to Ann Simmons in UHC

A big Shout Out to Ann Simmons for all of her on-going hard work with the Fourwinds system and marketing the UHC!

A SHOUT OUT to David Gillette in Counseling Center

A SHOUT OUT to one of the most caring, thoughtful, hardworking people to exist. Thank you for all the support that you give to the Counseling Center staff as we come to you with our many requests (mostly for money and fitness tips.)

A SHOUT OUT to Melinda Fox in Counseling Center

From planning a center wide training in Veterans issues, to filling in IA appointments, to planning our social events, to providing support and supervision, your efforts are all so appreciated! You are always a ray of sunshine and are such an important part of the Counseling Center.

A SHOUT OUT to Katheryn Crothers in University Health Center

Katheryn began working for the Health Center at the end of August. In a short time, she has become an invaluable resource. Katheryn embodies the values of our department. She prioritizes relationships, she is compassionate, and she acts with integrity. Thank you Katheryn, for all you do to keep us well, in The Well.

A SHOUT OUT to Joan Houff in ORL

Shout out to Joan Houff as the 2015 Madison Award for Career Achievement recipient. Well deserved Joan!!!

A SHOUT OUT to Dr. Kevin Meaney in ORL

Shout out to Kevin for successfully defending his dissertation. Way to go, Dr. Meaney!!!

A SHOUT OUT to University Union Team in CMSS

We enjoy being neighbors with you in Madison Union and appreciate the many ways we have been able to collaborate and work together.

A SHOUT OUT to Steven Krzanowski in CMSS

A huge shout out to you and the D.E.E.P. Impact Team for your work with Orientation during 1787 and SON!!

A SHOUT OUT to De'Shay Turner in CMSS

Congratulations De'Shay on a great turn out for the Multicultural Leadership Summit! Students are excited, good stuff!!!

A SHOUT OUT to Chervon Moore in CMSS

Congratulations to Chervon for kicking off the academic year with a bang. She hosted three major events back-to-back: I.C.G.C. Advisor's Open House, I.C.G.C. Leadership Retreat and Meet the Greeks!!!

2014-15 SHOUT OUTS

A SHOUT OUT to Ramona Messenger and the Commencement Team in University Events in Access and Enrollment

A heartfelt "Go Dukes!" Shout Out to Ramona Messenger and the Commencement planning team for employing principles of universal design to ensure accessibility of the graduation ceremonies. Programs available in large print versions, sign language interpreters, and captioning on monitors surely made the experience more welcoming to a greater number of guests. Service with excellence! Way to Go!

A SHOUT OUT to Bryan Brown in Student Affairs Technical Services

A major shout out to Bryan Brown for being a database wizard extraordinaire! He has responded so wonderfully and quickly to a random request for data to support staff and students. Grateful to work with such a great colleague.

A SHOUT OUT to Kristin Muncy in University Unions

Congrats Kristin for being recognized with an "All Together One" award. You join an esteemed group who have made a power difference at JMU by being awarded one of the most prestigious awards on campus.

A SHOUT OUT to Anna Lehnen in University Unions

Congrats to Anna and her team on creating such a wonderful memory for many with this year's Madipolooza extravaganza. Great success!

A SHOUT OUT to Mark Cline in University Unions

Congratulations and thanks to Mark for creating such a superior Study@MadisonUnion program of activities for Finals Week. From a grateful Director who didn't know you had such great programming skills too


A big SHOUT OUT thank you to Mark Warner, Marsha Mays-Bernard, Jim McConnel, Randy Mitchell, and Brian Charette (and their Administrative Assistants) for a very enjoyable luncheon for the SAUP Adminstrative Assistants. It's really wonderful to work for people who take the time to recognize the contribution of their support staff.

A SHOUT OUT to Liz Howley, Amy Sirocky-Meck, Lesley Eicher, and Laurie Gabriele in UHC

A Big Shout Out to these folks for helping clean out The Well's storage room. Spring cleaning was needed and will make for more efficiency!

A SHOUT OUT to the Entire Snow Removal Crew in Facilities Management

A shout out to the entire snow removal crew! Your tireless work to maintain a safe campus community through all of the seemingly endless snow/ice storms we had this school year is appreciated! Your hard work and dedication to the safety of others has not gone unnoticed! Go ahead and pat yourselves on the back for a GREAT JOB done!

A SHOUT OUT to Amber Connors and Dan Kelly in University Health Center-The Well

Shout out to Amber and Dan for a great UHC Professional Development! Your ability to present two theoretical frameworks and help relate them to our everyday work with students was amazing. Kudos to you both, you will be amazing Student Affairs professionals and I will be happy to say you worked in our office!

A SHOUT OUT to Joe Urgo in Madison Union

Shout out to Joe for being a relentless advocate for efficiency and simplicity in technology and processes.

A SHOUT OUT to Misty Newman in CSL

Misty Newman does an amazing job training students to lead alternative break trips and become engaged and active citizens. We are so lucky to have Misty work with, inspire, and encourage students in this capacity.

A SHOUT OUT to Karris Atkins in Office of Residence Life

Karris deserves a big shout out for deciding to join the Housing team! She has been a huge asset to our group, and we are thrilled to have her!

A SHOUT OUT to Brenda Smith in Office of Residence Life

A HUGE shout out to Brenda for the wonderful way she handles all of the difficult situations that come her way! She is TREMENDOUS with students and parents!

A SHOUT OUT to Bryan Brown in Student Affairs Technical Services

A shout out of gratitude to Bryan Brown for creating a way for the ODS database to pull in schedules and e-mail letters like a smooth-running machine! Your time and effort has made a significant, positive impact on how we do the things we do! On behalf of all the staff at ODS, we appreciate you!

A SHOUT OUT to Brooke Boyd, Barbie Painter, Terry Southard, Katelyn Miller in Health Center

Thanks for all the hard work you do to keep the Appointment Clinic and Women's Clinic running while keeping Patient focused in your care. :)

A SHOUT OUT to Paula Lam in University Unions

A huge SHOUT OUT to Paula Lam and the entire planning team for putting together an amazing Open House for the newly renovated Madison Union! The event, the turnout, the food, and the space was amazing!

A SHOUT OUT to Mouline Etre in Student Health Services

Dr. Etre is very compassionate and very nice! She answered my questions and consoled my worries, and I would definitely come to her again!

A SHOUT OUT to Rich Ayers in Student Health Services

Dr. Ayers was extremely kind and understanding. Very helpful and gave insight to the issue and helpful knowledge to have for choosing over the counter medicines.

A SHOUT OUT to Mouline Etre in Student Health Services

Dr. Etre was great about listening to my symptoms and being thorough, explaining to me what was going on, and talking to me about my medication.

A SHOUT OUT to Amy Sirocky-Meck in University Health Center

You are one of the best collaborators around! Thank you for always saying yes to our special requests.

A SHOUT OUT to De'Shay Turner in CMSS

Thank you for leadership to CMSS student organizations and oversight during 2014 "Stompmania". It was a great night!

A SHOUT OUT to Steven Krzanowski in CMSS

We loved Platanos Y Collard Greens last night. Many thanks to you and the D.E.E.P. Impact staff for your marketing and planning efforts. Great crowd!

A SHOUT OUT to Dianne Nibblins in CMSS

Thank you for being the glue that keeps us all together in CMSS! We appreciate your service with a smile.

A SHOUT OUT to Michael Frempong in CMSS

Great job on the 2014 Homecoming Step Show!

A SHOUT OUT to Chervon Moore in CMSS

Congratulations to you on the success of your first Homecoming Step Show! It was a great show.

A SHOUT OUT to Aaron Combs and Kelli Rockwell in UREC

Aaron and Kelli provided leadership for Nightmare at UREC. 1183 students participated in the event and 833 braved the Haunted House. Way to serve our students and provide an alternate activity!

A SHOUT OUT to Barbara Call in Student Health Services

My experience was AWESOME, thank you Barbara Call!

A SHOUT OUT to Anna Wyse in Student Health Services

The Nurse who helped me at first and checked me in, Anna, was the best I have ever had and I wish I could have her every time I come. Super sweet.

A SHOUT OUT to Mohammad Sumbal in University Health Center

A big THANK YOU to Mohammad for helping me trouble shoot some cd-burning issues and for suggesting and helping me use a much more efficient method. Thank you for all of your help and patience!

A SHOUT OUT to Mouline Etre in Student Health Services

Dr. Etre was so approachable and nice. She helped me and I am so grateful!

A SHOUT OUT to Lisa Tutwiler in Student Health Services

Lisa Tutwiler is one of the nicest nurses I've ever met. She is so easy to talk to & she always seems to be in a good mood!

A SHOUT OUT to Rich Ayers in Student Health Services

I didn't know what my condition was so Dr. Ayers sat me down and explained it all to me. I was very grateful for this.

A SHOUT OUT to Kristina Blyer in University Health Center

SHOUT OUT to Kristina and the UHC for allocating space for a lactation room in the new facilities. The facilities are great!

A SHOUT OUT to Sarah Sunde in Orientation

BIG shout out to Sarah Sunde for stepping up during the summer and keeping us all together and sane (mostly) for the Orientation season. We appreciate you!

A SHOUT OUT to Ritter Clevenger in Student Success

We just wanted to recognize Ritter's effort to go above and beyond by giving us a personal tour of the new Center. We have learned a lot from his knowledge and experience. Thanks for taking the time with us.

A SHOUT OUT to Jeremy Hawkins in Conference Services

This SHOUT OUT is to Jeremy Hawkins for being the calm in the storm that is OCL! We can't thank you enough for all of your help over the past few weeks. You're always willing to help in any way you can, and we can't thank you enough! You rock!

A SHOUT OUT to Josh Bacon in Office of Student Accountability and Restorative Practices

BIG shout out to one of my biggest supporters! I wouldn't be where I am today without you man. Thanks again

A SHOUT OUT to Thomas Estes in Registrar

During a recent visit to the Registrar's Office for information, I was truly impressed with the assistance that I received from Thomas.

A SHOUT OUT to Marsha Mays-Bernard in AVP Multicultural Awareness & Student Health

Every time I see Marsha, she is smiling and talking animatedly with a staff member or student. Her open demeanor and attention to JMU community members is an inspiration.

A SHOUT OUT to Bryan Brown in Student Affairs Technical Services

His calm, patient manner is always great help to me and my department. His technical knowledge and remarkable problem-solving abilities are rare indeed. If the quality of Bryan's work is an indication of future success, then SAUP division (and the University, as a whole) has a very bright future!

A SHOUT OUT to De'Shay Turner in CMSS

Great job on training week for the D.E.E.P. Impact team!

2013-14 SHOUT OUTS

A SHOUT OUT to Rob Morgan in IT Training

A huge Disability Awareness Week SHOUT OUT to Rob Morgan in IT Training for developing and delivering IT 160 CAMMO (Creating Accessible Materials in Microsoft Office). This partnership, initiated by IT Training, is a perfect example of what it means to be the engaged university, and for people to "open doors" in whatever role they play at JMU.

A SHOUT OUT to Lee Ward, Cannie Campbell, Julie Wallace-Carr in SAUP

Women of Change - this program has made a significant difference in my professional career and future outlook/action at JMU. The leaders have helped me grow into a positive contributor on campus and increased my skills in knowledge to be successful and navigate leadership. It is an honor to be part of this cohort and hope JMU will do what it takes to sustain this program - it makes a difference!

A SHOUT OUT to Chris Ehrhart, Taylor Logan, Orie Hubbard, Shauna Prentice in Judicial Affairs

For the collaboration on UREC Student Manager training with the Values in Action and coming in on a Sunday before break ended to help facilitate 80 student leaders. Your expertise and engagement is truly appreciated and valued!

A SHOUT OUT to Shari Scofield & Veronica Whalen-Jones in UU & UREC

Thank you for hosting the Mindfulness Retreat this weekend, I can only hope it becomes a tradition! It was one of the best programs I have attended at JMU in my 10+ years. Thank you for you!

A SHOUT OUT to Veronica Jones & Shari Scofield in Health center

Thank you for offering the Mindful Experience! It was an incredible day full of wellness, top professionals, grateful students and diverse learning. I hope to see this offered more often, your hard work and organization was impactful and made a difference!

A SHOUT OUT to Katrina Simpson-McCleary in CSDC

Shout Out to the LGBTA Faculty/Staff Group Social Committee for hosting a holiday dinner for our students! Katrina and her family spearheaded a great event that we hope will continue for years to come!

A SHOUT OUT to Annette Liskey in Technology and Design

Thank you Annette for all of your detail-oriented hard work and patience in helping create the registration for the Mindful Experience event. We couldn't have done it without you!

A SHOUT OUT to Kristin Johnston in Office of Development

Shout out to Kristin Johnston in the Office of Development. Kristin stays positive and offers professional solutions.

A SHOUT OUT to Sue Bauer in University Unions

For taking the extra steps to make sure that a student group's question got answered and offering a solution...Thank you for making sure JMU and SAUP are the best they can be!

A SHOUT OUT to Matt Trybus in Disability Services

Shout to Matt Trybus for bleeding purple in his sweet purple jumpsuit!

A SHOUT OUT to Marsha Mays-Bernard in SAUP AVP-MASH

A big SHOUT OUT to the SAUP Professional Development Team. Great job on the Divisional meeting yesterday! Thanks a bunch!

A SHOUT OUT to Dawn Miller in AVP MASH

Shout Out to Dawn Miller! Your patience, perseverance, and photography skills are greatly appreciated! Thanks for helping all of our new staff feel welcomed.

A SHOUT OUT to Brittany Dioszeghy in ODS

A huge ODS and SAUP SHOUT OUT to Brittany Dioszeghy for performing, with excellence and humility, the duties of the Notetaking Coordinator, while we conduct a search during our busiest time of year.

A SHOUT OUT to Jeremy Hawkins in Conferencing

Shout out to Jeremy Hawkins for running an awesome conference season, hiring and training outstanding students, and always being willing to be flexible. You are the best!


Zach Birtsch
in ORL
Katie Musar in ORL
Natalie Raymond in Orientation
Courtney Wallace in CSL
Alex Carrol in OJA
Lamar Walker in Student Activities
Jamie Linn in FSL (extra shout for great dance moves and humor)
Shauna Prentice in OJA
Josh Felch in Student Activities
Matt Skirven in Orientation
Veronica Jones in SWO
Steven Krzanowski in Orientation
Mollie Zenz in Orientation
Adam Lindberg in FSL (extra shout for all your support, early morning calls, late night volunteering, and keeping Taylor grounded)
Nick Kusko in FSL (extra shout for doing some of the most low profile jobs of sorority recruitment- but jobs that are essential to the success of our process)
Kelsey Holmes in SAP
Melissa Lyon in SWO

Thank you ALL for giving a late night on campus to help 830 women on Pref Night of Sorority Recruitment! We couldn't have done it without you!

A SHOUT OUT to the Grateful Person in FSL

Shout Out to the FSL staff member who just flooded my inbox with Shout Outs. Thanks for showing how it's done.

A SHOUT OUT to Mollie Zenz in Orientation

A HUGE shout out to Mollie Zenz for leading the effort to purge, purge, purge old artifacts from our storage spaces in prep for the move to the Student Success Center! Your work doesn't go unnoticed.

A SHOUT OUT to Sarah Sunde in Orientation

Huge SHOUT OUT to Sarah Sunde for being a constant source of professional inspiration and advice! Your level of dedication and engagement to your program, your colleagues, and this university is exemplary.

Summer 2013 SHOUT OUTS

A SHOUT OUT to Patty Long in Office of Residence Life

A huge SHOUT OUT to Patty Long for coordinating the travel arrangements to ACUHO-I. Thank you for your patience and diligence.

A SHOUT OUT to Rosie McArthur in Office of Residence Life

Thank you Ms. Rosie for motivating me!

A SHOUT OUT to Art Dean in VP Access & Enrollment Mgmt

Art's recent efforts to keep IGD going here at JMU are appreciated, valued, and will bring results and have a significant impact on our community. Thank you, Art!

A SHOUT OUT to Bob Davis in Festival Conference and Student Center

Thanks for going above and beyond to help out a new professor to JMU in his moment of stress!! Your kindness made a lasting impression!

A SHOUT OUT to Annette Liskey in Madison Union/TAD

A big shout-out and thank you to Annette Liskey for all her expert assistance with fixing my database at such a busy time of year! You are the best!

April/May 2013 SHOUT OUTS

A SHOUT OUT to Debbie Kauffman in University Unions

Thank you for always being helpful and kind to
Debbie Kauffman over in the Festival Conference Center. You're always there when I need something!

A SHOUT OUT to Christina Wulf & Matt Trybus in Disability Services

For hosting a very informative and useful training on Screen Readers & Online Access (JAWS)!


Thank you for making the Donning of the Kente a special celebration for graduating seniors. Great Job!

March 2013 SHOUT OUTS

A SHOUT OUT to Mo Burt in HR

On behalf of UREC and the Student Training and Development committee, we wanted to SHOUT OUT to MO Burt and thank her very much for taking the time to present at our students leadership series last night about Phone Interviews. The instant feedback from students about the session was very positive and many of them look forward to using the information/new skills in the upcoming weeks as they prepare to leave Madison. This was an extremely beneficial session and well taught!

A SHOUT OUT to the entire CSDC staff in Counseling & Student Development Center

A MAJOR SHOUT OUT to all the clinicians and support staff of the CSDC who voluntarily came to campus during both snow days last week to participate in our accreditation site visit. I feel incredibly fortunate to work with such a wonderful group of exceptional professionals. You all set the standard when it comes to quiet, unassuming dedication and commitment!

A SHOUT OUT to David Gillette, Amisha Pierce, and Marian Cornelius in Counseling and Student Development Center

A shout out to the phenomemal front desk staff at the CSDC for their hard work, diligence and commitment, and grace under pressure, especially at this incredibly busy time of the semester. We would all be lost without you!

A SHOUT OUT to Bryan Brown in Student Affairs Technical Service

A huge "Shout Out" for Bryan Brown from the Orientation Office. His unwavering attention to detail and committment to Orientation's websites enabled a very successful conversion to Cascade.

A SHOUT OUT to Katrina Simpson-McCleary in CSDC

A shout out to Katrina Simpson-McCleary for an amazing job coordinating the Walk for Hope event, held at JMU on March 23rd. WFH, with representatives from EMU, BRCC,Bridgewater and JMU, brought hundreds of people in our community together to support each other and raise awareness about depression and suicide. It was an important event and a huge success. Katrina,the time, energy and creative effort that you put into this is very much appreciated!

A SHOUT OUT to Lieutenant Phil Baker in Office of Public Safety

Phil, thank you so much for the professional and caring way that you provide support to JMU students and staff! Your assistance with several challenging situations over the past month is appreciated. Your genuine care for others is evident in all that you do!

February 2013 SHOUT OUTS

A SHOUT OUT to Liz Howley in UHC

Liz Howley, Assistant Director of Student Wellness & Outreach deserves a big SHOUT OUT for being a supportive, understanding, and overall fantastic supervisor. Working with her is one of the highlights of my position.

A SHOUT OUT to Kelly Dubbs in UHC

Thank you Kelly Dubbs for being such a wonderful Graduate Assistant. Kelly is easy to work with, super organized, and is doing an amazing job with the REACH peers.

A SHOUT OUT to Lesley Eicher in UHC

Thank you Lesley for always being so helpful. You are really passionate about your work and it shows. Keep up the good work with GAMMA and The Men's Program!

A SHOUT OUT to Maggie McCampbell in LGBT & Ally Education Program

A big SHOUT OUT to Maggie McCampbell for her tireless work with the LGBT & Ally Education Program. She has made meaningful connections with student after student and has been a wonderful ally and ambassador for the program!

A SHOUT OUT to Debbie Pine and Alton Mosley, Jr. in Orientation

Thanks to you both for always being willing to answer random questions all the time. You are much appreciated!

A SHOUT OUT to Kaitlyn Armentrout & Lori Painter in Office Residence Life

Shout out to Kaitlyn and Lori for patiently and professionally managing numerous phone calls and visits from disgruntled parents and students lately. Thanks for making our office sane!

A SHOUT OUT to Bob Daivs in University Unions

Massive shout out to Bob Davis for always being so helpful and fantastic when we're putting on our events over in Festival.

A SHOUT OUT to Stephanie Carr in Office of Residence Life

Stephanie Carr, Office of Residence Life, deserves a shout out for all of her hard work during the past several weeks. I don't think anyone can even begin to imagine the time and energy she puts into making sure the RA Selection runs smoothly. Great Job Stephanie!!

A SHOUT OUT to Sarah Orem in CAP

Shout out to Sarah for organizing another amazing Teacher Recruitment Day for JMU's education students!

A SHOUT OUT to Shawn Wongsirkul in UHC

Thanks for our daily therapy!

A SHOUT OUT to Julie Shiflet in UHC

Thank You for being the best supervisor.
from all of your girls

A SHOUT OUT to Anna Lehnen in Student Activities and Involvement

Shout out to ANNA's amazing progress in her short time here at JMU. She does a great job at supporting, guiding, teaching, challenging, and caring for all the students in UPB. It has been so inspiring to see her ability to do things well.

Keep up the great work!!

A SHOUT OUT to Peter DeMichele in Institutional Research

A big thank you to Peter for taking time out of his busy schedule to guide me through the creation of research questions. Your expertise is truly appreciated and I have no doubt the results will be awesome. Thanks!


January 2013 SHOUT OUTS

A SHOUT OUT to Shae Powell in University Unions

Shae has done AWESOME work to support the Kijiji program and help us with all of our travel arrangements and last-minute scrambles.

A SHOUT OUT to Paula Lam in University Unions

Paula has exceeded our expectations time and time again while helping us navigate the sometimes turbulent waters of contracts and fees while supporting the Kijiji students' efforts to put together an Alternative Break Trip to Costa Rica. Thanks, Paula!

A SHOUT OUT to Lesley Eicher in University Health Center

I would like to give a Shout Out to Lesley Eicher for her outstanding Sexual Assault Health and Wellness program in Eagle Hall during the fall semester. The residents who attended the program had a great time and the facilitation could not have been better.

A SHOUT OUT to Hugh Brown in Office of Residence Life

"Shout Out" to Hugh Brown for his patience, understanding and dedication to the Eagle Hall team during a difficult situation.

A SHOUT OUT to Brenda Smith & Patty Long in Office of Residence Life

Shout out to Brenda Smith and Patty Long for their willingness to help our students find a happy and healthy living situation. Their patience and dedication makes a difference.

A SHOUT OUT to Tammy Knott in Judicial Affairs

"Shout out" to Tammy Knott for her willingness to meet with students and provide them with the opportunity to make informed decisions. Her expertise and compassion provides a safe environment for our students to discuss their unique situation and options.

A SHOUT OUT to Chris Ehrhart in Judicial

Chris Ehrhart went above and beyond to train 72 UREC student manager employees on a Sunday about conflict and working with their peers. We appreciate all the time and energy that he gave to our recreation department and know that it will have a big impact on our student leaders!

A SHOUT OUT to Brian Charette, AVP Univ Plan/Analysis

Brian has done an outstanding job managing the Madison Future Commission process of the Town Hall meetings and helping us all understand the vision and the value of what needs to happen.

A SHOUT OUT to Courtney Wallace in Dux Center

Courtney was stellar in her work helping the Dux Center implement a new Kijiji Staff Leader training retreat, coming back from the semester break early and dedicating 4 days to helping the Kijiji team be ready to launch the program as the spring semester started.

A SHOUT OUT to Orie Hubbard in Dux Center

Orie has done excellent work in preparing materials and putting an infrastructure in place for the launch of the Dux Center Student Presenter Training Certification Program. His dedication to getting things right and being prepared have helped us get off to a great start.

November/December 2012 SHOUT OUTS

A SHOUT OUT to Nightmare at UREC Committee in University Recreation

For hosting a TREMENDOUSLY successful and UTTERLY fun event at UREC on Halloween - over 900 in attendance! I still have the shivers from that haunted house, what incredible student involvement and participation and so well planned :)

A SHOUT OUT to Barbara Bailey in The Health Center

Thank you for everything you do! You will never know how much we appreciate what you do for ALL of us!

A SHOUT OUT to Barbara Bailey in UHC

You are such a joy to work with -- always positive and always anticipating what needs to happen next. Thank you!!!

A SHOUT OUT to Will Brown in Student Affairs Technical Services

Sending a big shout out to Will Brown who took time out of his busy day to help us troubleshoot technology issues here in Career & Academic Planning - eagerly, and with a smile! Definitely above and beyond the call of duty!

A SHOUT OUT to Kristin Johnston in Judicial Affairs

Kristin is extremely professional and offers great customer service for the Office of Judicial Affairs. She is a valuable member of the the judicial team and an asset to the SAUP community.

A SHOUT OUT to Josh Bacon in Judicial Affairs

Josh demonstrated and unending amount of care and compassion with a deeply troubled student last week. He made sure the student was safe and cared for. I appreciate all Josh does, but I know this was a difficult case, and will have a lasting impact on the student, and Josh. Thanks, Dr. Bacon!

A SHOUT OUT to Hugh Brown in ORL

Hugh has endured a vareity of parents and students being rude, demanding, and unkind to him in the past few weeks. He has responded with patience, compassion, and professionalism. Each day his work impresses me. Thanks, Hugh, for always caring, and doing the right thing.

A SHOUT OUT to Joan Houff in ORL

Joan has spent the last 17 months slogging through a difficult departmental audit. She has been tenacious, open to change, and worked endless hours to get this to completion. I appreciate all she does, but this in particular has been hard work.

A SHOUT OUT to Beau Dooley in University Health Center

Thank you for all you do to represent the UHC and for the visionary leadership you provide at all levels while remaining student-focused. You're a pleasure and inspiration to work with.

A SHOUT OUT to Cannie Campbell in University Health Center

Thank you, thank you for your constant support and creative approach to problem solving. You are a joy to work with and one of the best advocates the UHC staff and students have.

A SHOUT OUT to Lou Hedrick in Office of Institutional Research

Here's to Lou Hedrick for suggesting the idea of a "Shout Out" type of ongoing recognition for the division. Judging by the postings from Fall Semester, we seem to have a good thing going. Thanks, Lou!

A SHOUT OUT to Sue Bauer in Madison Union

A Shout out and a HUG for Sue Bauer. You do so much behind the scenes work, happily and dutifully buzzing about taking care of all of us, we would like to take this moment to thank you for all you have done this semester. Thank you so much!

A SHOUT OUT to David Onestak in CSDC

A shout out to David for being a phenomenal director and always encouraging staff during the challenges of a semester. It is an honor to work under your leadership!


October 2012 SHOUT OUTS

A SHOUT OUT to Alton Mosley Jr. in Orientation

Big shout out to you, Mr. Mosley Jr.! You've done an awesome job managing multiple hiring processes for Orientation already this semester. You're quickly becoming a stellar supervisor and we all have noticed how hard you've been working!

A SHOUT OUT to Meredith (Fitness Instructor) in UREC

Meredith is an outstanding yoga instructor! Thanks for putting so much time and energy into creating fun and challenging classes.

A SHOUT OUT to LaNita Weisenberger in CMSS

A special SHOUT OUT to LaNita for doing a great job in presenting on the Multicultural Attache Assessment Cycle. We are glad to have you on the CMSS team!

A SHOUT OUT to Rick Larson and Sharon Lovell in HR Training & Performance and College of Health and Behavioral Studies

Rick and Sharon have done fantastic work at preparing all the materials for the Internal Analysis Team and put in tremendous effort to help all the members of the team know what's going on, understand the work to be done, and help us get started doing it.

A SHOUT OUT to Cheryl Buel in Career & Academic Planning

Great job managing overrides for IS 202 and supporting the instructors with having everything they need for class! Your role has been a critical part of the program's success.

A SHOUT OUT to Laura Hickerson, Shelly Laurenzo, and De'Shay Turner in Career & Academic Planning

Great job teaching pilot sections of IS 202 targeting special populations (STEM, Health, and Honors)! Students are raving about their learning and development experience. All of your planning and effort to teach these sections for the first time was worth the investment and energy! Thank you!

A SHOUT OUT to Kathy Whitten in Student Health Center

It has been a gift working with you and I will miss seeing you everyday!

A SHOUT OUT to Debbie Pine in Orientation

A Shout out to Debbie Pine for achieving 20 years of service to JMU! Your commitment, institutional knowledge and you r willingness to be a lifelong learner to continue evolving your role is greatly appreciated.

A SHOUT OUT to Veronica Jones in the Health Center

A shout out to Veronica Jones for all her efforts promoting the "Absolute Value Campaign" and working with students to appreciate the inner beauty in all of us!

A SHOUT OUT to Anne Metz in the Health Center

A shout out to Anne Metz, GA for Marketing in the Health Center, for making the first half of the semester run smoothly with your great project management skills and design knowledge.

A SHOUT OUT to Stephen Rodgers in UHC

Thank you for your open communication, being so approachable and humble, and for begin such a good leader. You are always willing to help out whenever you are needed and going above and beyond is your norm. You are the epitome of a team player. I'm glad to work with you!

A SHOUT OUT to Julianne Secrist in UHC

Thank you for always working with such a positive attitude! You make our team stronger and it is a joy to have you in the office!

A SHOUT OUT to Becky Schaeffer in UHC

Thank you for handling tough situations with such grace and kindness. You make my job so much easier and I appreciate you very much!!!

A SHOUT OUT to Ashley Woolfolk in UHC

Thank you for helping us all out when our computer's glitch. You are always willing to take on extra little jobs here and there that make our team better--you are very appreciated and a joy to work with!

A SHOUT OUT to Sue Burket in Event Management, University Unions

Sue and her team have migrated a whole event management system for the university in under 8 weeks! It takes some institutions a year to do this. This team is phenomenal!

A SHOUT OUT to Debbie Miller in Event Management, University Unions

Debbie has been working relentlessly to make sure that all Madison Union clients are in the new EMS system. They have been maintaining two systems and while it has been alot of work, she has done it with grace.

A SHOUT OUT to Deanna Carter in Event Management, University Unions

Deanna has had a stack of reservations in front of her that seemed to increase in height every day, maintaining both EMS and R25 event management systems and taking care of all the issues for a week while the entire office was away for a conference. We (Event Management) would not be able to offer great service without you. We appreciate all you do for us! not be able to offer great service without you. We appreciate all you do for us!

A SHOUT OUT to Megan Driver in Event Management, University Unions

Megan is doing a great job of helping us migrate the entire EMS and R25 systems. She has been unbelievable, her input, work and customer service during this time has really set us apart from alot of departments that offer the same services. Megan we value you and your contributions!

A SHOUT OUT to Caitlin Landes in Event Management, University Unions

Caitlin tends to be quiet.. but if you have ever taken the time to look around Madison Union you will notice their vibrant digital signage! Nobody on campus comes even close to what they have! Caitlin is the the one behind the awesome vibrant signs you see. Her works speaks much louder!

A SHOUT OUT to Annette Liskey in Technology and Design, University Unions

Annette has been doing a great job of helping make UDAP safer for students. She has led the charge of getting the system into a safer environment while at the same time making it much much easier for the administrators to manage it. You do a great job every day and put smiles on many faces!

A SHOUT OUT to Jeb Sarver and Ritter Clevenger in Madison Union Operations

I doubt there is a day that goes by when these folks do not come to someones rescue. Ritter and Jeb have created one of the most efficient and courteous student staff teams I have seen. I genuinely appreciate the care and attention your team gives to me every time I am in the building.

A SHOUT OUT to Brenda Smith in the University Health Center

Thank you for providing a smile and a calming attitude and approach to your work. You are a pleasure to work with and the extra steps you take to ensure inventory is accurate and stepping up to take on extra duties when your colleagues are out does not go unnoticed.

A SHOUT OUT to Ann Simmons in UHC Student Wellness

A "You bleed purple!" shout out to Ann Simmons in the UHC for her 25 plus years as a loyal and unwavering fan of the JMU nation! You are so caring and so committed to your work and to this JMU community. You rock Ann!

A SHOUT OUT to Veronica Jones in Student Wellness and Outreach/UHC

Shout out to Veronica Jones. Her positive energy and dedication to her role as a as a health educator are inspiring. She makes it a happier place to come to work and has been such a mentor to have as a supervisor!

A SHOUT OUT to Adam Lindberg in Fraternity & Sorority Life

Shout Out to Adam for joining the FSL team in August and assuming the role like he's been here for years! Thank you for all you have done in your short time on our team. The relationships you have already built with our students and the overall work you're doing has made a great impact!

A SHOUT OUT to Shae Powell in University Unions

THANK YOU for all the time you spend with FSL. You keep us in line with money and travel and rosters, etc. We love having you a part of our team and appreciate all you do!


August/September 2012 SHOUT OUTS

A SHOUT OUT to Denise Cooper in Orientation

SHOUT OUT to Denise for her tireless efforts and impeccable attention to detail throughout Summer Springboard and 1787 Orientation. Way to go the extra mile Denise!!

A SHOUT OUT to Chandra Lane in Career and Academic Planning

Chandra is an amazing first-year advisor who helps new students find their way academically and emotionally at JMU. SHOUT OUT to someone who transforms lives!

A SHOUT OUT to Patty Long in Office of Residence Life

I want to send a big SHOUT OUT to Patty Long for staying calm, cool, and collected while the Housing Office was down a staff member during this very busy summer. She always had a positive attitude and was on top of EVERYTHING!

A SHOUT OUT to Laura Lear, Kelly Downey and Meghan Donley in the Registrar's Office

For rock'n the accurate PeopleSoft data and making reporting to SCHEV a much more pleasurable and error free experience!

A SHOUT OUT to Raymond Brown in University Union

Great job on Student Organization DAY...way to jump in and make a huge difference in your third month on the job. Proud of you...thankful for you...signed, your Director

A SHOUT OUT to Alton Mosley, Jr. in Orientation

Thank you Alton for your dedicated assistance supporting the Operations logistics during the 2012 Orientation programs. The room reservations and family check-in process have become an efficient process with your supervision and protocol updates.

A SHOUT OUT to Frank Ameka in University Unions

An official "Shout Out" to Frank Ameka for all of his terrific work to design and create the SAUP award plaques. Frank consistently does a remarkable job on all of his projects. This is one more example of his artistic skills, and of his dedication to the division. Thank you Frank!!!

A SHOUT OUT to Dr. Jim McConnel, Dean of Students

On at least a weekly basis, someone at the CSDC will say something along the lines of, "Jim McConnel is incredible!" We marvel at how Jim insightfully identifies the salient points of ambiguous, challenging crises, collaboratively develops intervention plans, and then follows through with immediate actions. We are convinced: There is no better Dean of Students in the nation!

A SHOUT OUT to Barbara Bailey in UHC

Thank you for all your hard work and keeping the communication flowing---I appreciate you ! :)

A SHOUT OUT to Karen Kennedy in UHC

Thank you for making my job easier. The timeliness of your work and follow up makes my care so much better. :)

A SHOUT OUT to Chris Jones and Raymond Brown in UREC and Student Activities and Invovlement

Big SHOT OUT to Chris Jones from UREC and Ray Brown form Student Activities and Involvement for putting on a great Student Org "Night" on a hot Friday afternoon! Way to go Chris and Ray!

A SHOUT OUT to Laura Lear in Office of the Registrar

"We would not have been able to achieve our goals so quickly without the high-quality support we have received from Laura Lear. The rapid response and creative solutions provided by Laura have been invaluable."
Thank you!

A SHOUT OUT to Tenea Lowery in CMSS

A huge SHOUT OUT to the members of the Inter-cultural Greek Council (I.C.G.C.) for hosting the Meet The Greeks Ice Cream Social on September 6th in Transitions.

A SHOUT OUT to Ilene Magee in CSDC

An AMAZING shout out to Dr. Ilene Magee for all your hard work on a 900+ page document for the American Psychological Association for our accredited Doctoral Training Program.

A SHOUT OUT to Emma Maynard & CAP Staff in Career & Academic Planning

Congrats to Emma Maynard and the Career & Academic Planning Staff on a wonderful Resume Round Up event! All the hard work paid off! Great job!

A SHOUT OUT to Kristi Shackelford in Academic Policy and Curriculum Development

SHOUT OUT to Kristi Shackelford for her super hero work on the report to SACSCOC for JMU's reaffirmation of accreditation. THANKS and GREAT JOB!

A SHOUT OUT to Katrina Simpson-McCleary in CSDC

A shout out to Katrina for an inspirational and hope-filled National Suicide Prevention Week.

A SHOUT OUT to Taylor Logan in Judicial Affairs

Shout out to Taylor for doing a fantastic job assisting with International Week while keeping everything running smoothly in the judicial office for her area. Great job!