Create a student job posting on JobLink

The following steps may be performed once you have created a hiring manager account to JobLink.

  1. Log into JobLink.
  2. Click on "From State Role Title" under CREATE POSTING.
  3. Use the "State Role Title" scroll down menu to find Federal Work Study or Institutional Employment. The titles are in alphabetical order. Leave the "Pay Band" as Any. Click on "Search".
  4. Make sure you have chosen the correct State Role Title. The Role Code for Federal Work Study is 90004 and the Role Code for Institutional Employment is 90003. Click on "Create".
  5. Fill out the information about the position, making sure to include the following information:
    • Working Title (the name of the job)
    • State Role Title (FWS or IE- whichever you chose from step 3)
    • Position Type = Students
    • College/Division
    • Position Status = Part-Time
    • Org Name
    • Departmental Users in your office who have an account with JobLink and want to view the applicants.
    • General Information about the job
    • Duties/Responsibilities
    • Qualifications
    • Posting Date, Review Date and Closing Date (or select "Open until Filled")
    • Application types accepted = Student Application
    • Select any documents you want the student to attach with his/her application. We recommend you do not require a lot of additional documents as this will turn away a lot of students. If it is a Federal Work Study Position, be sure to select "Other Document #1" and instruct the student to attach a copy of their FWS eligibility.
    • Proposed Starting Date

    Click on "PREVIEW POSTING" at the bottom of the page

  6. Look over the preview page and verify the information is correct. If it is not correct, click on "Edit". If it is correct, select "Submit to Student Employment for Approval" and click on "Continue".

  7. Confirm

***If you have questions at any point in this process, please call Student Employment at 568-3269. Remember, if something changes after you submit a job, we can change it for you.***

How to "fill" a position on JobLink

The following steps may be performed by the person who originally created the posting or anyone designated as a Departmental User for that position.

For additional information on JobLink, please visit Human Resource's JMU JobLink Page.

  1. Log into JobLink and find the position you wish to fill. 

  2. Click on "View". You should see a list of active applicants.
  3. You will need to change the status for each applicant. The most commonly used statuses are: Not Interviewed (you must select a reason), Interviewed- Not Selected for Hire (you must select a reason), and Offer Accepted

    There are two ways to change the applicant's status:
    1. Click on the blue "Change Status" link under the status to change. You will need to do this for each applicant.
    2. If you have multiple applicants that you want to change to the same status (for example, you did not interview 7 applicants because of their experience), then you can select each of their boxes on the left and click on "CHANGE MULTIPLE APPLICANTS STATUSES", located underneath the list of applicants. 

  4. Once all the applicants' statuses have been updated and the hired applicant has the status "Offer Accepted", you can "fill" the position. To do this, click on the "VIEW POSTING SUMMARY>>" at the bottom of the screen. The only active applicants that should be able to see are the students you have hired and should have the status of "Offer Accepted". If there are other active applicants, you will have to change their status in order to proceed to the next step.

  5. Above the Posting Summary there will be a "Posting Status" box with different options to choose from. You will want to select "Fill- No Email" or "Fill- Send Email". If you select the "Send Email" option, every candidate whose status is "Not Interviewed" will receive an email informing them that the position has been filled. If you select "No Email", no email will be sent. 

    Once you have selected "Fill- No Email" or "Fill- Send Email", hit the "CONTINUE" button.

  6. You will now have to "CONFIRM" that the selection you made in STEP 5 is correct.

  7. Congratulations! The position is now filled. 

    Now that you have filled the position, you may choose to receive a Post Selection Report (PSR) for that position. The PSR report is a summary of the applicant demographic information and interview status results. PSRs cannot be generated unless the position is "filled". 

    If you need to reopen a position that you have previously posted on JobLink, then the position must have been changed to a "filled" status. Just go to the left navigation and bar and select "From Previous" under CREATE POSTING. Select the filled position and edit the information to make it current (the dates, for instance). Then just re-submit it to Student Employment. If you need to reopen a position that you have not changed to "filled", you will have to create the position from scratch. 

 If you receive an error message, then you need to make sure every applicant's status has been properly changed. Repeat Step 3.

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