In addition to the required core course, students must complete 15 units, taken from at least 4 different programs/majors (e.g. ANTH, GEOG, HIST, ISAT, SOCI):

AN/AH/HIST 492 American Material Culture
ANTH/SOCI 313 Processes of Social and Cultural Change
ANTH 340 The Invention of Race
ANTH 360 Medical Anthropology
ANTH 373 Anthropological Perspectives on Environment and Development
ARTH 303 History of Design
ARTH 474 The New Media and Contemporary Art
ARTH 476 Modern Architecture
GEOG 322 Agricultural Systems
GEOG 325 Environmental Ethics
GEOG 344 Economic Geography and Development Issues
HIST 305 History of Science and Christianity
HIST 326 The Automobile in 20th Century America
HIST 327 Technology in America
HIST 328 History of Science, 1543-1859
HIST 329 History of Science Since 1859
HIST 405 Travel and Exploration
HIST 427 U.S. Environmental History
HIST 443 Modern American Technology and Culture
HIST 481 Early Modern Europe: The New Worlds of Exploration and Science
ISAT 231 Political Economy of Technology and Science
ISAT 311 Role of Energy in Modern Society
ISAT 411 Energy Economics and Policy
ISAT 421 Environmental Policy and Regulation
ISAT 456 Ethical, Legal and Social Implications of Biotechnology
ISAT 471 Transportation: Energy, Environment and Society
ISAT 477 Complex Systems and How They Fail
PHIL 300 Knowledge and Belief
PHIL 395 Philosophy and Scientific Inquiry
SOCI 311 Sociology of the Environment
SOCI 316 Space, Time, and the Human Social Environment
SOCI 366 Sociology of Knowledge
SOCI 375 Medical Sociology
WRTC 350 Science and Technology in Literature

Additonal courses may be approved for the minor by the Steering Committee.