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A Note From Dr. Warner

During President Alger’s inauguration speech, he once again challenged us to “dream big”. When I think about dreams, especially during the spring, I’m reminded of an experience I had with my daughter Sarah, when she was six years old(that was 25 years ago for those keeping score). We went to Purcell Park to fly a kite. After about 30 minutes of trying toget the kite in flight, we finally succeeded. We were lying in the grass, looking up at the kite, and after several minutes ofquiet reflection, young Sarah said, “Dad, when you look at the kite, the blue sky and the white clouds, it fills your mind with dreams.” Hmm … wisdom from the mouth of a child.

We must constantly have dreams, for they propel us into future opportunities, experiences and growth. Dreaming is a perpetual activity that enriches the spirit and adds luster to your life.

We also know that dreams must be acted upon. Otherwise, they are just beautiful images painted by the mind. The action is the hard part. One critical benefit of action, is that this process also helps us refine the dream. Our dreams might take a different shape once we seriously talk about philosophy, resources or logistics. Although the dreams we actually pursue may look differently than the original idea, the process is very important and can still add great value. Oh, many dreams change, especially as we work collaboratively with others. This re-vision process is probably the norm. It is important that our dreams become bigger than we are.

Our dreams are what have enabled us to enjoy the successes we have experienced to date. I’ll leave you with one of my favorite quotes, by Eleanor Roosevelt:

"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams."

Our future depends on YOU!

Thanks for making a difference and touching lives.


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