I Give to Motivate Madison into Motion

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Written by Dirron Allen ('00)

My name is Dirron Allen, I graduated from JMU with a bachelor of science in Kinesology in 2000. I currently live in Baltimore, MD and work at a local university.

I absolutely love JMU and everything it has provided to me. Beyond the great education I received, I remember playing basketball at Mr. Chips with friends, Late nights at the Ballroom, and Busta Rhymes at the Convo. However, If I had to choose an experience that may have had the most impact on my life, I think about University Recreation or UREC.

When I was a student employee, UREC had a saying, Motivating Madison into Motion. That motto and the leadership of the professional staff really unlocked my potential. My engagement with UREC sent me to conferences across the country, built my professional network, and provided me with a strong foundation in professional competencies such as leadership, communication, and organization.

Since graduating, I have decided to give back to JMU by being involved with my local Baltimore/Annapolis Alumni Chapter, JMU LOVE (Leaders of Volunteer Engagement) brought me back to campus to speak with current students, I support my favorite JMU experiences financially, and most recently I serve on the Board of Directors for our Alumni Association.

I’m Dirron Allen and I give to help keep Madison Moving.

Published: Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Last Updated: Wednesday, May 3, 2017

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