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Freshman Year Reflection: Memorial is NOT on the Quad

Gabe Lee

After visiting JMU for a leadership conference in high school, Gabe Lee knew JMU was the place for him. Now looking back on his freshmen year he can really see how much he has learned and grown as a person.
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Summertime in ORL

Summertime in ORL

While most people think of summer as a time to relax, the opposite is true for the Office of Residence Life.
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Spotlight: Ross Hawkins
It's easy to overlook who's on the other end of that work order when you submit it, or to be excited about your new dorm room without thinking about who moved the bed and desk in; but when you work in ORL, you know exactly who's responsible for getting those jobs done, and Ross Hawkins is one of them.

Why NOT to Fear Random Roommates
Every incoming freshman has felt the pressure of having to make the decision to either select a roommate or opt for a random one.

Residential Learning Communities: "Do it!"
Despite the fact that she's from Illinois and knew absolutely no one coming to the University, Caroline Prendergast had her heart set on JMU from the very beginning. So, she decided to start building a life at JMU as quickly as she could by joining a Residential Learning Community

Dr. Warner's Roots in Residence Life
For almost 40 years, Dr. Mark Warner has been a member of the JMU community.

ORL Staff Try Their Hand at Sustainable Farming
Wish you could participate in an Alternative Break but too afraid to dive into a full week of community service miles away from home?

Spotlight: Deena Agamy, Resident Adviser
New York, Massachusetts, DC, Charlottesville, Hawaii, Washington, Germany and now Harrisonburg have all been home at some point to Deena Agamy

Caring is the goal
Madison Forever Scholarship donors helped keep Jared Farnsworth a Duke, and he plans to make the most of that assistance.

South African Students Find New Friends at JMU
When you first meet Emily Jolly and Martie Theron you'd assume that they'd been friends for years. From their inside jokes to the way they sarcastically poke fun at each other these two are the picture of college friends, which makes it hard to believe that they met only a short week prior to our interview.

Spotlight: Annamarie Frost, Rockingham Hall Director
Working for any company for five years is something to be proud of, but finishing five years of employment as a student is a huge accomplishment.

Start something that matters
When you're convinced that there is no better place to learn and grow than the JMU campus, it shows!

A community of similar interests
"Living with people that have the same interests is a real benefit. Discussions in class carry over outside of class," says athletic training major Andy Russo ('15). His home in the Huber Learning Community offers a transformational experience.

Building connections at home
Pre-vet student Clayton Poffenberger says living in JMU's Huber Residential Learning Community offers many advantages. "You build relationships with professors who will offer you guidance as you progress in your field. You learn a lot."