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Mar 22, 2017

ODS partners with JMU Libraries to create Disability Awareness Week Book Display

Check out Carrier library's main lobby for a compelling display of library materials about disability.  The Office of Disability Services (ODS) partnered with JMU Libraries Director of Outreach & Partnerships, Kristen Shuyler, to create the display.  You can find everything from information on disability rights to personal stories to thought-provoking films, as well as information about the 8th annual Disability Awareness Week, March 27th-31st, 2017.

Hannah Yates, an ODS intern from the Social Work department, and Hannah Olson, an intern from JMU's Occupational Therapy program, worked together to research content for the display. 

Hannah Olson combed the library catalog searching for terms like "disability" and "universal design."  She said that the library had some textbook-type materials but also included many real-life stories of people with disabilities.

Hannah found books on universal design particularly interesting.  "As someone going into Occupational Therapy, I was interested to learn about efforts to make objects like eyeglasses both aesthetic and functional. In OT, I'll need to use those techniques design assistive technology that people will want to use."

Hannah also mentioned that Carrier has a great on-line video collection, like the story of a famous blind pianist.  She encourages everyone to check out the library catalog to find these great resources.

In addition to these materials, JMU Libraries recently added an on-line research database called Disability in the Modern World.

ODS appreciates the opportunity to partner with JMU's Libraries to create this special display for Disability Awareness Week.

Display case in Carrier library with books, videos, and a poster about Disability Awareness Week


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