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Major, Corporate, and Foundation Giving

While the Commonwealth of Virginia provides the basic foundation for teaching and learning at JMU, we can only achieve our full potential with the help of significant private donations. The Development Office seeks the private support that enables the university to provide the best possible experience to every student who desires and deserves to be at Madison. Gifts that help us accomplish this goal have a transformative effect, not only on the lives of our students and faculty, but on the donors who make them as well.

Major Giving

A major gift ($25,000 or more) represents not only a great financial investment - but a great emotional one as well. JMU’s major donors see in the university a vehicle able to accomplish things important to them that they cannot accomplish alone. In a very real sense, a donor who makes a major gift to JMU is leveraging a $375 million institution to accomplish their personal goals such as helping deserving students, advancing research, or honoring a loved one. While annual gifts generally address the immediate needs of the university, major gifts provide long-term financial stability and support in ways that touch the lives of generations of students and faculty.

Corporate and Foundation Giving

Corporations, foundations and other philanthrophic organizations are valued partners in assisting James Madison University to accomplish its mission of "preparing students to be educated and enlightened citizens who will lead productive and meaningful lives." These partner organizations recruit our graduates to join their work forces and provide James Madison University with financial and programmatic assistance for a variety of purposes.

The collaboration between foundations and JMU enriches the university and brings to life our mission: preparing students to be educated and enlightened citizens who lead productive and meaningful lives. Over the years, corporations and foundations have provided support for student and faculty research, curriculum development initiatives, financial aid, student life programs, community outreach programs, and more.


For additional information regarding how you can develop a mutually beneficial relationship with James Madison University, please contact our office toll free at 800.296.6162 or email Jeff Gilligan at


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