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Madison Fund

What is the Madison Fund?

Give NowThe Madison Fund is a highly flexible fund and the backbone of giving at James Madison University. Annual gifts from thousands of donors are used to address the university’s most critical priorities for the year. Similar to your own budget, the immediate needs of the university vary as circumstances change and the Madison Fund allows JMU to be adaptable and capture opportunities as they arise. This means that the Madison Fund supports nearly every aspect of the university, such as student scholarships, faculty research support, program enhancements, classroom and lab equipment, and more.

Provide Immediate Assistance to Students and Professors

In light of the global financial crisis, your gifts this year are even more valuable in maintaining excellence at JMU.

For example, this year, many of our endowments fell victim to diminishing returns. Endowed scholarships are important because they put financial aid directly into the hands of the students who need it. Many student scholarship recipients would struggle to attend Madison if not for the support they receive from these endowments. Thanks to donors who made contributions to the Madison Fund, we were able to supplement these endowments so that worthy students may continue their education.

With your support, we are determined to keep moving forward to ensure that the Madison Experience endures, and that James Madison University remains ready to tackle the big problems of society.

A soon-to-be JMU graduate

Increase the Value of Your Diploma

The better the reputation of James Madison University, the more valuable a JMU degree. Private giving enhances all the "extras" that tuition and state funding can't sustain alone – scholarships, clubs and orgs, volunteer opportunities, undergraduate research, study abroad, a low faculty-student ratio and an overall excellent Madison Experience.

Maintain National Rankings

It is no coincidence that JMU has been ranked the #1 master’s level public university in the South for 15 consecutive years.  This distinction is a reflection of the support the university receives from private donors. Private giving makes it possible to recruit the best students and professors, establish innovative programs, and build state-of-the art facilities. In addition, the number of alumni who make a gift every year is a key factor in determining national rankings of colleges and universities, such as U.S. News & World Report's annual top-20 list. Having a nationally ranked university, in turn, makes our graduates more competitive in the job market. Learn more about JMU's rankings here.

The Multiplier Effect of Giving to the Madison Fund

  • 10 people who each give $100 can fund a one-time student scholarship award
  • 14 people who each give $250 can fund domestic trip scholarships for a team participating in Alternative Spring Break
  • 7 people who each give $1,000 can pay full tuition and fees for one in-state student

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