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Feb 2, 2012

JMU Alumni Participation

Your support is more important now than ever before.

Yes, we have impressive buildings on campus designed to maximize learning. We have engaged students who gather in our beautiful outdoor spaces. Appearances, however, don’t tell the full story of what Madison would look like without continued support from donors.

We are proud of our Madison success stories: our 97 percent student satisfaction rate, 16:1 student-faculty ratio, 80 percent of undergraduates participating in research, a practicum or internship, and countless others. These successes have been achieved thanks in part to donors' help, in lieu of and despite a challenging financial environment.

Your gifts are genuinely appreciated and needed.

Click button to give nowAs the need gap increases, we humbly ask that you become an advocate for JMU. What's more, we ask that you make a gift to support Madison.

  • In 2002 JMU’s Educational and General programs were 50 percent state funded. Today that number is 29 percent.
  • Virginia provided 32 percent of JMU funding in 2000-01. By 2010 that number had dropped to 19 percent.
  • National education costs increased by 37 percent in the last 10 years compared to 25 percent at JMU.
  • 6.8 percent of alumni, 16 percent of parents and 33 percent of JMU employees supported JMU in FY11.

Together, we can Be the Change for Madison. Give now.

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