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Oct 17, 2013

Old Stuff Bring Me New Challenge

Posted 10/17/2013 by Shirley Yang

I look up the clock on the wall. Oh, My God! It’s almost 1am in the morning and I am still preparing for the tomorrow’s history mid-term exam. It covers seven chapters from colonial period to Civil War. I have to say I am not good at historical date, figures and events. The American history is totally a new story for me. I learnt Chinese history since in primary school and I am not good at it. How can I deal with the American history? The figures are so obnoxious, to be frank. James Madison, Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Jackson, Andrew Johnson.. Why their name are so similar? Their contribution are also confusing in terms of different period of time.

I know taking this GPA killer class is just a matter of time. For majority of international students with no background of America history, it is not a piece of cake. I have to admit that I lied in my first history essay, the one argued about wether or not college students should still learn history. I stated my point that history classes are so beneficial to international students because it provides new perspectives for them to know America better rather than being a tourist. I should be honest about it. How can I finish three short essay and eight definition writing during one hour and fifteen minutes? Well, I comfort myself that college courses are not all easy as you thought, you have to challenge yourself to find out your deeper potential. Yes, it is true. I already know that when I rented the textbooks from bookstore.

Now, it’s half way there. I am still hang in there. I think when Thomas Jefferson proposed the Declaration of Independence, he wouldn’t imagine that a Chinese girl will learn  this after 200 years.

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