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How Animal-Assisted Therapy Benefits Students

Animal Assisted Therapy

Animal-assisted therapy is more than just bringing your pet to work or petting cuddly animals.
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Coping with Disruptive Students in the Classroom

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Learn to confidently and safely address disruptive student behavior using effective, legally-sound strategies.
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Reducing the Risk of Suicide at JMU
Any member of the JMU campus community may come into contact with someone struggling with thoughts of suicide. Being aware of distress signals, ways to intervene, and sources of support for the student can help us respond more effectively to such situations.

The Oasis: JMU's Stress-Free Getaway
The Counseling Center created The Oasis, a new relaxation center in their office, to provide students, faculty and staff with opportunities to manage their stress and anxiety.

The Oasis

The Top 10 Concerns of JMU Students
The top 10 concerns of JMU Students and suggestions to address them.

Disturbing Content in a Student's Academic Work
Learn to better assess and conceptualize troubling content in a student's work, develop effective intervention strategies, access supportive campus resources, and balance freedom of expression with public safety.

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Please Talk Amongst Yourselves
Learn about the laws protecting student privacy, the exemptions that permit the disclosure of information when there is a concern for student safety, and the importance of sharing information with JMU professionals who can help assess and address the situation.

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Responding to Dangerous Students
Learn about the frequency of violent behavior on college campuses (including that directed at faculty), how to identify potentially violent students, and how to both prevent violence and respond when prevention efforts fail.

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We have moved!
The Counseling Center has moved!

Helping a Distressed Student
Learn about the common causes and signs of student distress and strategies for assisting and referring distressed students to professional counseling at the Counseling Center.

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25 Signs that Counseling May Help
Who said college was going to be easy?