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Area Teachers of the Year Visit the COE


Area Teachers of the Year Visit the COE to speak to the newest cohort of Teacher Education candidates.
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My Experience at Cadet Troop Leader Training (CTLT)

This summer, CDT Hart was able to spend three weeks at Fort Riley, Kansas shadowing a Platoon Leader. This program, Cadet Troop Leader Training (CTLT), afforded CDT Hart the opportunity to really ¿see¿ the Army for the first time.
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VAECE 2015 - Hutchinson Receives Award
In March, College of Education faculty members attended the Virginia Association of Early Child Educators— (VAECE) 59th Annual Conference in Richmond, VA. The VAECE is an organization consisting of school administrators, classroom teachers and assistants, teacher educators, family childcare providers, state employees, psychologists, students and parents dedicated to advancing the welfare of young children and their families.


Teachers of Promise 2015
The JMU College of Education was well represented at the March 2015 Teachers of Promise (TOP) Institute at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond. The TOP Foundation was established to create a community of educators that are dedicated to —supporting the work of individuals, organizations, and teams who seek to discover, identify, celebrate, and encourage high caliber teachers-to-be.—


2015 Summit Series: Cultivating the Globally Sustainable Self
JMU launched a summit series on March 25th entitled, Cultivating the Globally Sustainable Self. Faculty from the College of Education played an integral part in the planning, developing and hosting of the summit series.


A Day Out in Service at Waterman Elementary
Inspired by recent COE discussions about transformational learning, Dr. Noorie Brantmeier, wanted to deepen her connection to the students in her classes. Dr. Brantmeier suggested working side by side with CoE students in the community, laying important groundwork for transformational learning. Her idea inspired Dr. Tim Thomas and Dr. Theresa Harris to launch a partnership with CoE students through the JMU Kappa Delta Pi chapter that would have the group work together to complete items on teachers' to do lists at Waterman Elementary School.

A Day Out in Service at Waterman Elementary

Dr. Oris Griffin in China
In the College of Education (COE), faculty members have made it a collective mission to extend the college's international presence while creating lasting educational partnerships with universities and study abroad programs around the globe. When Dr. Oris Griffin, a professor in the Adult Education/Human Resource Development (AHRD) graduate program, was invited by former AHRD student Yuanjie Dai to visit her home in China this summer, she jumped at the opportunity.

Oris Griffin in China

Sarah Looney ('12, '13M) Finalist for Outstanding First Year Teacher Award
The first in a series of love letters to the College of Education, Sarah Looney ('12, '13M) tells us that she has been chosen as Finalist for Outstanding First Year Teacher Award in Fairfax County Public Schools.

Sarah Looney ('13) Outstanding First Year Teacher Finalist

Christina Damico ('13, '14M)
First Year Teacher and CoE Alumn Christina Damico ('13, '14M) speaks to Student Teachers entering the Henrico County Public School system.


Katie Simmons ('13, '14M)
Second in a series of love letters to the COE, Katie Simmons ('13, '14M) tells us how her time at the College of Education is leading her toward success in a diverse, Title-I school in Colorado.

Katie Simmons ('13, '14M)

CoE Student Spotlight: Nikki Newman ('14)
CAA Defensive Player of the Year Nikki Newman

Nikki Newman

Reflections on American Education Sixty Years after Brown v. Board of Education
Sixty years ago (May 17, 1954) the United States Supreme Court ruled in Brown v. Board of Education that racially segregated schools were "inherently unequal" and that desegregation should proceed "with all deliberate speed". Unfortunately, as we commemorate this landmark decision, education in America is not yet the bastion of social justice and human enlightenment for all students that many dreamed it would be, and in many of our communities educational practice is characterized by its inequitable impact on millions of poor and disaffected young Americans. Poorly-budgeted schools serving a high percentage of minority children from low-income families continue to struggle with inadequate supplies, in overcrowded, substandard facilities to offer effective, high quality educational experiences.

Philip Wishon

Visiting Scholar Dr. Laura Stachowski
Not many people can say that they have had the opportunity to teach in a cultural context different than your own. Dr. Laura Stachowski, the director of Global Gateway for Teachers program at Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana however, has been making this dream become a reality for students.


Larry Huffman Celebrates 50 years in Education
JMU College of Education Faculty, staff, students joined friends and family of Larry Huffman to celebrate an incredible 50 year career in education.


The Crowder Legacy - Meet Dr. Robin Crowder
It's not every day that you come across an entire family that has dedicated itself to the same profession. Dr. Robin Crowder, a first year professor in the Learning, Technology, and Leadership Education Department, and his wife and children have all made their mark on the field of education.


Meet Jesse Humphries
Jesse Humphries loves education. She believes teaching informs all other professions, is the answer to many global issues, and gives students the chance to grow in ways they never imagined. She is passionate about becoming a teacher, and she—s using that passion to cultivate a love of teaching in her peers through the JMU ROTE (Raising an Organization of Trained Educators) Program.


Intercultural Experiences Luncheon
Held February 14th in anticipation of the arrival of our visiting scholar, Dr. Laura Stachowski, JMUCoE Faculty gathered to discuss Dr. Stachowski's work and provide a "pre visit" opportunity to share present understanding and possible dreams for our programs.

Images from Kappa Delta Pi's Inaugural Educators' Conference
Held at JMU's Memorial Hall. February 8th, 2014

Ian Linden
Quotations inspire me. I carry them with me, read books of them, print relevant ones on special paper for workshop participants, create class agendas with special quotes for each session, frame them for myoffice, and look forward to two arriving by e-mail each morning. I resonate with the way that some people are able to capture illusive concepts with artfully composed words.

Mary Devier-Scott
Making split second decisions, fielding rapid-fire questions, continual multi-tasking, acute awareness of your surroundings at all times - A description of the floor of the New York Stock Exchange? Perhaps the boardroom of a multi-national corporation? How about the emergency room of a large metropolitan hospital? No, actually I am describing a typical day in my sixth grade classroom. Throw in the potential for snow, or a beautiful spring day and you can magnify these activities exponentially!

Dr. Phil Wishon
Collected here are the reflections of select members of our collaborative learning community regarding what they rely upon to guide and sustain them when compelled by the need to take a stand, to speak out, or to take action. What deeply-held beliefs and convictions have they constructed on the basis of past experience and memorable relationships which inspires them to give voice and upon which they confidently draw for guidance when the need arises for making a decision of some consequence—especially when the fairness or righteousness of that decision is not readily apparent?

Karen Kellison
I must tell the story of Lawrence. He has occupied a special place in my heart and mind throughout my entire career. I met Lawrence when he entered my classroom on the first day of school and exclaimed, —My uncle got shot!— with the same excitement as if he had just found $5 on the sidewalk. This was my second year of teaching and I thought —we ain—t in Kansas anymore.—

EXED Non-Teaching Minor Goes Electronic
EXED Non-Teaching Minor Goes Electronic

Student Spotlight: Julia Rose ('14)
*CoE Student Spotlight: Julia Rose ('14)


Student Spotlight: Maggie Pilson ('14)
*CoE STUDENT SPOTLIGHT: Maggie Pilson ('14).

Student Spotlight: Kacie Mueller ('14)
*CoE STUDENT SPOTLIGHT: Kacie Mueller ('14)

Student Spotlight: Katie Peak ('14)

Caitlin Munson
Teaching in Milan

Caitlin Munson

Donor Highlight: Dr. Donald Cooper
Dr. Donald G. Cooper establishes scholarship for College of Education

Donor Highlight: Donna Stocking Honeywell ('71)
Alum Establishes Honeywell Family Educational Outreach Endowment for College of Education

Donor Highlight: Marge Vorous
Alum Makes Pledge to Establish Scholarship in Honor of Professors

LTC Showalter's Promotion
LTC Showalter's Promotion Ceremony Held at Memorial Hall

College of Education
A deeply engaged, collaborative and holistic faculty say they prepare future teachers they would want to teach their own children.

President Alger on tour