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Jun 11, 2014

Commencement 2014: By The Numbers


James Madison once said:

Learned Institutions ought to be favorite objects with every free people…They are the nurseries of skillful Teachers for the schools distributed throughout the community”.  

This year, the JMU College of Education is sending over 350 highly qualified, innovative and eager teachers into hundreds of classrooms and communities throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia and the world.

Take a quick look at the Class of 2014:

-174 Early, Elementary, & Reading Education candidates

-52 Exceptional Education candidates

-13 Learning, Technology & Leadership Education Candidates

-77 Middle, Secondary and Math Education candidates

-26 Commissioned US ARMY 2nd Lieutenants from Military Sciences

-13 Physical Health Education candidates

-12 Art Education Candidates

-18 Music Education teacher candidates

-3 Theatre & Dance Education candidates

As student teachers, our new Alumni refined their skills in over 750 classrooms by providing evidence-based instruction through original lesson plans to thousands of PreK-12 students across the Commonwealth of Virginia.