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Maggie Pilson ('14)

Name: Margaret “Maggie” Pilson

Year: Grad student

Major/Concentration: IDLS/Middle Education – Mathematics & Science


What are your expectations for this academic year?

Ideally, I would like to gain as much in-class experience as possible, while also developing a better understanding of different problem-solving techniques that teachers use to address difficult situations in the classroom.


What inspired you to pursue a career in Education?

I immediately knew education was the right fit for me after taking my first course, MMSE 110. This course introduced me to educational concepts and frameworks that allowed me to build a foundation of knowledge and skills. I also began tutoring 6th grade students at Skyline Middle School in math, which allowed me to utilize these concepts and skills in a real-life setting. This was a very rewarding experience, as I was able to see the children make significant progress in such a short amount of time.


Which class would you consider to have made the biggest impact on you as a future educator?

The Diversity of Education (EDUC 310) course I took my freshman year taught me a multitude of important teaching techniques and methodologies, specifically touching on how to make adjustments that meet the needs of students with different learning styles.


What is your teaching philosophy?

Every student has and deserves the right to succeed in the classroom. It’s my responsibility to provide them with the necessary skills that will allow them to open doors and explore new opportunities, becoming well-rounded scholars.


What are your techniques in creating a safe and effective learning environment?

I plan to create a safe and effective learning environment by presenting my students with unique challenges each and every day. This will provoke the students to utilize their problem-solving, decision-making and teamwork skills, all of which are critical for their future academic success. My classroom structure will adhere to a strict respect policy, encouraging the students to express new ideas in a judgment-free environment.


How do you make learning fun?

Hands-on activities and instructional games can both be effective in creating a fun, exciting learning environment that encourages the students to think creatively. Humor can also prove useful in making a learning experience more enjoyable, allowing students to relieve stress and be themselves.