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Kacie Mueller ('14)

Year: Senior

Major/Concentration: IDLS/Elementary Education – Mathematics/Science


What are your expectations for this academic year? 

In my last year of undergraduate coursework, I expect this year to provide me with a more substantial amount of experience, both inside the classroom and out in the field. It is critical that I continue to build upon my knowledge of educational theories in frameworks before entering graduate level classes and student teaching.


What inspired you to pursue a career in Education?

My love for children and my passion for educating tomorrow’s future leaders. I want to be able to make a difference for these children, not only in an academic-sense, but also in their personal development.


Which class would you consider to have made the biggest impact on you as a future educator?

Diversity in Elementary Education with Service Learning (ELED 310) has had the biggest impact on me and my progression toward becoming a future educator, as it taught me how to organize my classroom and tailor my management techniques to fit a variety of children from diverse academic and personal backgrounds.


What is your teaching philosophy?

It is my responsibility as an educator to see that every one of my student succeeds. I would define success as a stable development of academic and interpersonal skills, progressing from a lower to a higher level, regardless of their starting point.


What are your techniques in creating a safe and effective learning environment?

The key is to establish a sense of open communication with my students from the very beginning. By maintaining these comfortable channels, relationships can be formed, which will allow me to grasp a better understanding of their personalities, learning behaviors and learning preferences, making for a more effective learning environment.


How do you make learning fun?

After I have been able to gauge my students’ personalities and learning preferences, I am able to make their learning experience more enjoyable by tailoring my curriculum and techniques to draw their interest and maintain their engagement throughout lessons.