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Study Abroad

Image of JMU student on the beach during her study abroad program.Expand your Madison Experience abroad

A recent Chronicle of Higher Education survey ranked us No. 2 in the country among master's-level schools for the number of students studying abroad.

Imagine following your Shakespeare class with a quick trip to Stratford-on-Avon. Or your art history class with a visit to a Florence museum. If you come to school here, you have a fascinating opportunity to change your life. From spending a semester to becoming a leader in one of our more than 300 clubs and organizations, immersion in the world of JMU means opportunity.

At JMU, diversity is a lot more than you may imagine.

Here, diversity equals endless possibilities. It means you are accepted for who you are and for your unique talents. It says that your individuality makes this university a richer place.

Learning and growing happen everywhere. Part of what makes the Madison Experience so entirely cool.