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JMU offers many learning opportunities for students with interests related to sustainability and the environment. Students can:

  1. Take a sustainability course!
  2. Partner an environmental minor with any major, or major in select sciences or social sciences with an environmental concentration. Explore JMU’s relevant majors, concentrations and minors.
  3. Get involved in environment and sustainability-related service-learning and other experiences though Community Service-Learning.
  4. Join an environment-related or sustainability-focused student organization.
  5. Find environment-related or sustainability-focused international experiences.
  6. Participate in research projects, field studies and scientific experimentation

 JMU measures achievement of the following stewardship learning outcomes for JMU undergraduate students:

  1. understand the interdependence of human and natural systems;
  2. understand the health, socio-economic and ecological dimensions of environmental stewardship;
  3. understand how environmental problems are explored and how solutions are developed and implemented; and
  4. understand how environmental stewardship is and can be integrated into our lives.

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