An annual newsletter of JMU’s progress in
environmental stewardship

2010-11 Campus Environmental Stewardship Highlights
2009-10 Campus Environmental Stewardship Highlights

Arbor Day Planting Spruces Up East Campus Stream Bank

2012 Governor's Environmental Excellence Award Winners

Green Building and Sustainable Community Successes at VSBN’s 17th Annual Meeting Celebration

JMU Rankings

Princeton Review Guide Recognizes JMU as One of ‘Best 373 Colleges’

JMU Stewardship Efforts Earn Governor's Excellence Award

Three JMU Dining Halls Receive Virginia Green Certification

East Campus Dining Hall Certified for Environmental Construction (Video)

Carrier Library Gets Green Facelift with New Starbucks Location (Video)

Princeton Review Lauds JMU Environmental Stewardship

HR Horizons Articles
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July 2011: Dead Grass? Donated Food? Five Environmental Stewardship FAQs
April 2011: Celebrate Earth Day with a Week of Activities
January 2011: How Bad for the Environment Can Throwing Away One Plastic Bottle Be?
October 2010:  Save Time, Money, and Fuel by Carpooling