Proposal Preparation

OSP staff provides principal investigators and your support staff with proposal preparation assistance by clarifying sponsors' submission procedures, aiding in budget development, and interpreting federal, state, and university policies related to sponsored projects.

We encourage you to consult with us early during proposal and budget development so that we can help you review the program solicitation or request for proposals (RFP’s) and ascertain if there are any special eligibility concerns or potential obstacles. By making early contact we can facilitate the overall application process, allocate adequate resources to assist you, and add value to your submission.

Proposal Deadlines 

The OSP requests that all proposals, electronic or otherwise, be submitted in their complete and final form to OSP FIVE WORKING DAYS PRIOR to an agency deadline.  All proposal materials must be accompanied by an Internal Approval Form, signed by all approving authorities. Additional certifications or documents may also be required, especially if institutional matching resources are involved.

Observing this timeframe allows OSP to complete a thorough review of your materials, obtain the final university approval, set up university records and transmit the proposal before the last day of a deadline. It is crucial to avoid transmission problems that could prevent the successful submission of your proposal. As you are aware, most proposals are now submitted electronically, and we are dependent on the reliability of sponsors’ submission systems. Sponsors' systems sometimes crash or experience slow-downs near published deadlines. A system slow-down can result in delayed notification by the sponsor if there is an error in your application and a revision is required before it will be accepted. In an extreme case this could mean a missed deadline. The best way to avoid potential problems is to submit your proposal to us as early as possible.

Please note: Pre-proposals and/or “white papers” do not require OSP review and university approval unless budgetary information is provided and/or institutional certifications/assurances are required. If budgetary information is required, then the pre-proposal or white paper must be pre-approved for submission just as a regular funding proposal.

Proposal Submission Process

All proposals for external funding are submitted through the OSP.

Some sponsors limit the number of submissions the university may submit to a particular program or competition. An internal review process is conducted to select those nominations/proposals allowed to go forward to represent the university. Please check the Limited Submission Calendar and use the Limited Submission Form to notify OSP of your planned submission.


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